Brian Eaton


From sitting in on drums at an L.A. jazz club at age nine to jamming with Gilby Clarke (former Guns ‘N Roses guitarist) in his older brother’s band at 11, Brian Eaton found the spark in a pair of sticks that ignited his passion at an early age. The Allegra Drums artist, musician, composer/songwriter, engineer, and producer has gone on to be a multi-genre force in jazz fusion, prog, and rock, who uses the studio as the ultimate instrument to wield his imaginative creativity. Eaton has been featured in Bass Musician Magazine, All About Jazz, World of Jazz, and more, and has received praise from jazz greats Jean-Luc Ponty, Paul Wertico (Pat Metheny Group), and Frank Catalano.

Hailed as a "studio wizard" and "diverse performer," Eaton continues to captivate his listeners with eclectic, sonic intrigue. The Illinois Entertainer called him, "a multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist with multi-tasking abilities," and WWOZ jazz radio proclaimed, "Brian Eaton is an amazing composer and artist." (Full Bio @ , Facebook , X , Instagram , YouTube , , , Bandcamp , , Reverb , Soundcloud ,
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