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Originally named Panic Button (2), Sex Gang Children are a cult post-punk / goth band from London, UK.
The original line-up from 1982 was Andi Sex Gang (Andi McElligott) on vocals & guitar, Dave Roberts on bass, Terry Macleay on guitar and Rob Stroud on drums. They were known early on for being one of the staple acts to perform at The Batcave, a goth & post punk venue in London.
After the release of their debut album Song And Legend in '83 Stroud left the band to form Aemoti Crii. He would be replaced on drums by Nigel Preston (Formerly of Theatre Of Hate), but soon after the release of the single Mauritia Mayer Preston would himself be replaced by Ray Mondo (formerly of Death Cult). Dave Roberts would depart at the end of the year to form Carcrash International, and with Mondo having been deported not long after the line-up would solidify along with Kevin Matthews on drums and Cam Campbell on bass.
Upon the departure of McLeay in 1984 the group would change their name to Andi Sex Gang & the Quick Gas Gang for the album 'Blind'. After touring the album the band split up.

With renewed interest in SGC from the US, the band reformed in 1991 with Dave Roberts returning to aide in the creation of the album Medea in 1993. Since then the band have stayed active, with Andi reissuing the back catalogue via his own labels over the last 20 years.

Bassist Cam Campbell, who had performed with the group since 1984, died in 2021. The current line-up of SGC are Andi Sex Gang, Rob Stroud, [Invalid Artist] and Jerome Alexandre. , Facebook , Instagram , Bandcamp , X , YouTube , Bandcamp , Soundcloud , , Wikipedia
Members:Adrian Portas, Andi McElligott, Andy Cousin, Boris Pikula, Cam Campbell, Carl Magnusson, Dave Roberts, Kevin Matthews, Martin Olofsson, Matthew Saw, Nigel Preston, Ray Mondo, Rob Stroud, Simon Boswell, Terry Macleay, William Faith
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