Downliners Sect

Downliners Sect

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Downliners Sect were a British 1960s group with an R&B style similar to The Yardbirds or Rolling Stones, formed by rhythm guitarist/vocalist Mick O'Donnell with drummer Johnny Sutton when their group the Downliners disbanded after a disastrous French tour.

Arthur Evans, originally a drummer, joined the band and became bass guitarist/vocalist, whilst an earlier lead guitarist was replaced by Terry Gibson from an Orpington band called The Hoods. O'Donnell and Evans decided to change their performing names to Don Craine and Keith Grant (2) respectively, although they retained their real names in writing/arranging credits.

The band's first studio recordings in 1963 were "Cadillac" & "Roll Over Beethoven", but were not released until much later. The first Downliners Sect release was a self-financed EP of 400 copies, titled "Nite In Gt. Newport Street" - recorded live in the street's club Studio 51, run by Vi Highland & Pat Mayhew, later to become the Ken Colyer Club. It was here that the band met and took on Ray Sone as harmonica player.

They signed a deal with Columbia in 1964, recording "Baby What's Wrong" and the album "The Sect". Their EP had gained attention on Swedish pirate radio and a single, "Little Egypt", reached No 2 in the Swedish charts in April, 1965 - at the same time Sone was replaced by Pip Harvey. Harvey left before the band recorded the album "The Rock Sect's In" and a single "The Cost Of Living", after which Gibson & Sutton quit the band. One notable session musician & arranger in four of their albums was John Paul Jones.

In 1967 Craine & Grant formed a newline-up and continued as Don Craine's New Downliners Sect. (Including Bob Taylor, Matthew Fisher, Kevin Flanagan, Barry Cooper). Craine & Cooper departed in 1967 and Grant took over the band to record Swedish releases on Garageland Records, back under the name Downliners Sect. After many lineup changes, the band continues to play together.


Downliners Sect Discography


33SX 1658 Downliners Sect The Sect (Album) Columbia 33SX 1658 UK 1964 Sell This Version
33SX 1745 Downliners Sect The Country Sect (Album) Columbia 33SX 1745 UK 1965 Sell This Version
SX 6028 Downliners Sect The Rock Sect's In (Album) Columbia SX 6028 UK 1966 Sell This Version
SGLP 534 Downliners Sect Downliners Sect(LP, Album) His Master's Voice SGLP 534 Sweden 1967 Sell This Version
Sky 301 The Downliners Sect* Showbiz (Album) Sky Records Sky 301 Germany 1979 Sell This Version
BC86003 Downliners Sect Live (Album) Beat City Records BC86003 Germany 1986 Sell This Version
456780 Downliners Sect Savage Return (Album) Promised Land 456780 UK 1991 Sell This Version
AD69 Matthew Fisher And The Downliners Sect Matthew Fisher And The Downliners Sect - A Light Went Out In New York(CD, Album) Pigmy Productions AD69 1993 Sell This Version
SB-0032 Downliners Sect Dangerous Ground SteadyBoy Records SB-0032 US 2011 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

DB 7415 Downliners Sect Find Out What's Happening Columbia DB 7415 UK 1964 Sell This Version
DNZ.10404 Downliners Sect Little Egypt (Single) Columbia DNZ.10404 New Zealand 1964 Sell This Version
RBCSP 001 Downliners Sect At Nite In Gt. Newport Street (Single, EP) Contrast Sound Productions RBCSP 001 UK 1964 Sell This Version
DS 2252 Downliners Sect Little Egypt(7") Columbia DS 2252 Sweden 1964 Sell This Version
DB 7300 Downliners Sect Baby What's Wrong(7", Single) Columbia DB 7300 UK 1964 Sell This Version
SEG 8438 Downliners Sect The Sect Sing Sick Songs (EP) Columbia SEG 8438 UK 1965 Sell This Version
DB 7509 Downliners Sect Wreck Of The Old '97 / Leader Of The Sect...(7", Single) Columbia DB 7509 Sweden 1965 Sell This Version
SEGS 135 Downliners Sect Bloodhound(7", EP) Columbia SEGS 135 Sweden 1965 Sell This Version
DB 7597 Downliners Sect I Got Mine(7", Single) Columbia DB 7597 UK 1965 Sell This Version
DB 7509 Downliners Sect Wreck Of The Old 97(7") Columbia DB 7509 UK 1965 Sell This Version
DB 7712 Downliners Sect Bad Storm Coming(7", Single) Columbia DB 7712 UK 1965 Sell This Version
DB 8008 Downliners Sect The Cost Of Living (Single) Columbia DB 8008 Sweden 1966 Sell This Version
DB 7939 Downliners Sect Glendora(7") Columbia DB 7939 UK 1966 Sell This Version
DB 7817 Downliners Sect All Night Worker(7") Columbia DB 7817 UK 1966 Sell This Version
DS 2294 Downliners Sect Outside(7", Single) Columbia DS 2294 Sweden 1966 Sell This Version
RAW 10 Downliners Sect Showbiz (Single, Maxi) Raw Records (2) RAW 10 UK 1977 Sell This Version

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