Javier Moraga

Real Name:
Javier Moraga
Javier Moraga (Viña del Mar, Chile) was born in 1976, a key moment in rock music and its practice, when a first wave of independent artists embraced a "do it yourself" éthos. After a short period studying law in Valparaíso, he finally decided to devote his energy towards music, which expressed first by a tireless curiosity for new styles and permanent sharing among his friends' circle and local musicians.
He became a sound technician and has been working at Universidad de Valparaíso radiostation "Valentín Letelier" (97.3 FM), and started exploring musical creation by himself. After playing keyboards in Olor A La Banda - one of the most interesting projects coming from Quinta Región during the early 2000 – he finally chose electronic music as a canvas for expression.
Moraga has released "Autodidáctico" (2006, Niño Records), "Toma Distancia" (2007, Amp-Recs), "666,777,888" (split with Los 5000, project by Mostro member Carlos Reinoso (2007, Horrible Registros), and "Lunáptico" (2008, Epasonidos), albums that present a personal sound, moving from experimental to industrial, adding a subtle and charming rhythmic approach.
"Sofismo [pn034]" (2008, Pueblo Nuevo) is a new step in this continuous flow of material. The title of the work is a wordplay based on the name of her newborn daughter's name (Sofía), and the ancient Greece philosophic current, where, using apparently sensible arguments, reality was explained in a false and biased manner, taking knowledge into uncertainty and relativity. Sounds familiar, isn't it?
Bio por René Cevasco.
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amp009 Javier Moraga - Toma Distancia album art Javier Moraga Toma Distancia(9xFile, MP3, Album, 256) Amplified Music Pollution amp009 Mexico 2007
pn049 Javier Moraga - Los Nauseabundos Circuitos Del Miedo album art Javier Moraga Los Nauseabundos Circuitos Del Miedo(9xFile, MP3, Album, 320) Pueblo Nuevo pn049 Chile 2009
M029 Javier Moraga - Rasgos Particulares album art Javier Moraga Rasgos Particulares(9xFile, FLAC, MP3, Album, FLA) Modismo M029 Chile 2018


amp008 Javier Moraga - Toma Distancia album art Javier Moraga Toma Distancia(File, MP3, 256) Amplified Music Pollution amp008 Chile 2007
pn034 Javier Moraga - Sofismo album art Javier Moraga Sofismo(5xFile, MP3, 256) Pueblo Nuevo pn034 Chile 2008
epa048 Javier Moraga - Lunaptico album art Javier Moraga Lunaptico(4xFile, MP3, 192) Epa Sonidos epa048 Chile 2008
epa067 Javier Moraga - Años Luz (Música Para Antología) album art Javier Moraga Años Luz (Música Para Antología)(6xFile, MP3, 320) epa sonidos epa067 Chile 2011