Towa Tei

Real Name:TOWA TEI / テイ・トウワ

Producer, remixer, DJ, artist and creative director. Born Yokohama, Japan 1964.

Towa Tei began his career as a member of Deee-Lite with their first release World Clique, containing the hit single Groove Is In The Heart in 1990.
He has released solo albums as Sweet Robots Against The Machine and as Metafive.

Prior to Deee-lite while a student in NYC Towa worked as an assistant to Ryuichi Sakamoto having previously submitted an early demo tape for his and Akiko Yano's radio show in 1986. This early demo was released in 1991 under the name Chung Dong-Hwa. , Facebook , Instagram , X , Wikipedia , YouTube
Aliases:CHATR, Chung Dong-Hwa, DJ Shodai
In Groups:Deee-Lite, Glue Scissors, Metafive, O/S/T, SP 1200 Productions, Sweet Robots Against The Machine
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