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Spellbound was founded by award-winning songwriters and producers Paul ‘Pablo’ Thomas (guitars, keyboards) and Bobby Moon (vocals, percussion) from Los Angeles, California. The duo have been performing and producing an expanding catalog of critically-acclaimed albums over the past two decades. 
Spellbound's original blend of soulful compositions & Spanglish lyrics create a danceable fusion of Latin rhythms, funk, rock, and beyond. Spellbound is supported by a rotating cast of guest artists & musicians, including members of Ozomatli and ? & the Mysterians, Candi Sosa, Art "Mr.Flute" Webb, Roger Manning and many more.
  Moon & Thomas became friends as teens, soon forming a band, Life After Death. The quartet released a 4-song vinyl E.P. which has endured to become an underground Post-Punk classic. Life After Death made an impact on the musical scene in Los Angeles with their spiky hair, 'guyliner,' and their experimental use of samplers and drum machines during live performances. Life After Death went through a whirlwind two years with concerts, producing video, recording, and auditioning for record labels, before the members chose to pursue their own musical careers. Thankfully, the Thomas and Moon songwriting team remained, using the momentum they had built with Life After Death, to launch their new project, Spellbound. It was the 1990’s and Thomas and Moon were ready for a new evolution in Funk, Dance and Latin music.
  Beginning with their self-titled album in 1996 - includes the crowd favorite “Good Company”, Spellbound has released a succession of internationally-distributed albums on their own Selfish Recordings label. 1999’s Funqueros - dubbed “a jewel of magnanimous proportions”, Campus Circle (Vol.9 #14) - which created a buzz resulting in a cascade of live performances around Southern California, most notably an opening slot at the coveted Summer Concert Series at The Hollywood Bowl in July 2002. By 2007, Spellbound with the release of their album, Poolside Fiesta, debuted their first video, "Hot Sauce." In 2008, Thomas and Moon achieved another milestone by acquiring their own recording facility, Tripsville Studio in Los Angeles. Tripsville has been home to not only Spellbound creations, but also solo and side projects, including the Bobby Moon (2009), Candi Sosa’s Faded Blue Jeans (2012), Pablo’s Escape Velocity (2013) and Thomas & Moon’s MP3 single "Poison in our Skies" (2014).
2018 marks the release of Spellbound’s newest album, The Main Hustle, featuring the line-up of Thomas and Moon along with Candi Sosa (vocals & per.), Art Webb (flute), Margaret Young (vocals), Scott Martin (saxes) and addition of newest member Blewfoot (drums). 10 all original songs written & produced by Thomas & Moon. This is Spellbound's funkiest album to date. In today's world of side hustles this is Spellbound's Main Hustle!



SRCD-1 Spellbound (8) - Bound For Groovin' album art Spellbound (8) Bound For Groovin'(CD, Album) Selfish Recordings (2) SRCD-1 US 1990 Sell This Version
SRCD-4 Spellbound (8) - Funqueros album art Spellbound (8) Funqueros(CD, Album) Selfish Recordings (2) SRCD-4 US 1999 Sell This Version
SRCD-5 Spellbound (8) - Respect The Past album art Spellbound (8) Respect The Past(CD, Album) Selfish Recordings (2) SRCD-5 US 2001 Sell This Version
SRCD-6 Spellbound (8) - Tropicalifornia album art Spellbound (8) Tropicalifornia(CD, Album) Selfish Recordings (2) SRCD-6 US 2002 Sell This Version
SRCD-9 Spellbound (8) - Encantos album art Spellbound (8) Encantos(CD, Album) Selfish Recordings (2) SRCD-9 US 2005 Sell This Version
SRCD-10 Spellbound (8) - Poolside Fiesta album art Spellbound (8) Poolside Fiesta(CD, Album) Selfish Recordings (2) SRCD-10 US 2007 Sell This Version
SRCD-11 Spellbound (8) - Brighter Days Ahead album art Spellbound (8) Brighter Days Ahead(CD, Album) Selfish Recordings (2) SRCD-11 US 2008 Sell This Version
SRCD-14 Spellbound (8) - United Front album art Spellbound (8) United Front(CD, Album) Selfish Recordings (2) SRCD-14 US 2010 Sell This Version
SRCD-17 Spellbound (8) - Illuminados album art Spellbound (8) Illuminados(CD, Album) Selfish Recordings (2) SRCD-17 US 2012 Sell This Version
SRCD-19 Spellbound (8) - Pase La Voz album art Spellbound (8) Pase La Voz(CD, Album + LP, Album) Selfish Recordings (2) SRCD-19 US 2015 Sell This Version
SRCD-21 Spellbound (8) - The Main Hustle album art Spellbound (8) The Main Hustle(CD, Album) Selfish Recordings (2) SRCD-21 US 2018 Sell This Version
SRCD-25 Spellbound (8) - After Sunset album art Spellbound (8) After Sunset(CD-ROM, Album) Selfish Recordings (2) SRCD-25 US 2021 Sell This Version


SRCD-8 Spellbound (8) - Spellbound Sampler - Assorted Spanglish Favorites! album art Spellbound (8) Spellbound Sampler - Assorted Spanglish Favorites!(CD, Comp, Smplr) Selfish Recordings (2) SRCD-8 US 2004 Sell This Version