Random Logic Alberto.H

January 28, 2016
Very underrated Slovenian artists. Why these record still sell so cheap is above me.

Random Logic Alberto.H

June 9, 2016
To be clear, my initial comment had nothing to do with what I think people should be paying for these records, or what people should be earning in the second hand market of the music from Random Logic.
It was merely a comment to stress the importance of these guys work through the years. Don't take my sentence as anything other than that.

Nicely worded review and could not agree more with the last two paragraphs.


Random Logic maroko

May 21, 2016
Unfortunately, your comment held some water before you dived into the meaningless universe of why aren't people cashing out EUR 100.00 for these 12".

This project has been pretty much quiet ever since discogs has been wearing Pampers diapers. Everyone and their brother who was around at the time proudly owns these records. If an individual is from an ex-Yu country, and are into techno, rest assured they are quite familiar with this duo, and their wicked output. Lets not be limited to just this handful of countries though.

The prices are a mere reflection of the public's current interest. When these vinyls were high in demand, discogs did not exist. So your comment there is more wishful thinking than a reflection of the vinyl market. This isn't an underrated project, this is a hugely respected techno outlet from eastern Europe, and the single reason why they aren't more hyped is because of their scarse output since the turn of the millennium and their stubborn low key profile.

I am actually happy that their records are still fetchable for reasonable prices. Why? Simple. Because anyone with a moderate interest in techno music that exceeds momentarily previaling trends will (hopefully) eventually come across these jewels, and invest in something that surelly transcends time.

Regardless of what these records may cost you, do lend these lads an ear, if you're into the psyched, deviant and brutal side of techno, with focused yet incising percussion. Some desert island material can be found right here.