David Bowie maxal

February 18, 2021
I wonder if somebody can help here . . .

I was on the David Bowie official webiste / store about two days ago. On it I saw Heathen, a double vinyl edition, there was a picture and it showed the two vinyl discs coming out a double gatefold cover of Heathen. The photo made the vinyl look like it was red vinyl, but the verbal description stated "double clear vinyl edition".

I love this album so wanted to order it right away, but then there was a problem with the page, the purchase didn't go through, and then all evidence of this Heathen double album vanished. I tried to find evidence of it on the site (and elsewhere). Nothing. I know I saw it (and can still see it in my head). I must have caught the page just as they were taking it down.

I wonder what potential projects there are with the Heathen album? It's a great album, and would be perfect for a double album as it could have the unreleased 'Toy' tracks and any of the other available remixes (Moby etc) . . . it would then stand srongyly with its monster companion: Outside, double vinyl album.

David Bowie stevellkn4

February 27, 2021
Hi it was a web site mistake and sorry to say it doesn't exist. This mistake of a advert has been talked about before on bowie forums.

David Bowie neilwilkes

December 28, 2020
Do you have a section for Web Only / Streamed Only releases such as the recent 'Something in The Air' from Paris 1999 on the small venue Hours tour?

David Bowie jjvan210966andrea

November 15, 2020
What about A Reality Tour (2010), appearing live performances from 2003? What's the reason I don't see at the list? I think it's a mistake.

David Bowie Brian_Damager

November 18, 2020
Bowie* - A Reality Tour It is in the video section, as it was first released on DVD

David Bowie elektr0bi

October 26, 2020
Any news on Earthling or Outside vinyl represses in some not too distant future ? The Discogs Sharks Community's teeth are still too sharp.... My comment is CERTAINLY NOT a fu**ing review btw.

David Bowie carywhitt

January 22, 2021
No plans for represses, past that has already been done the last few years.

David Bowie bbark01

January 18, 2021
The next box will skip the Tin Machine albums, and pick up with Black Tie White Noise.

David Bowie No1HalloSpaceboy

January 8, 2021
The next "Era Box Set" is meant to be coming out this year covering Tin Machine to 2002.

David Bowie chris-martin

October 28, 2020
Outside had a repress not so long ago fella, you need to be quick.

David Bowie chris-martin

July 1, 2020
It would be better, and tidier, if all the same singles were merged into one list. ie All the Jean Genie releases in one list instead of 3-4 separate ones, and all the other singles with more than one release.

David Bowie brian-ashton

May 23, 2020
Really annoyed by all the live albums/interviews shoved into the albums section. I know I'm not alone. I'm going to be looking into how to fix this.

David Bowie nathanbuyer

November 12, 2020
because the 1st Tin Machine was re-issued as a David Bowie album in 1995ish with all the other EMI remasters.

David Bowie rairoldi

September 29, 2020
Why the first Tin Machine (out of sequence chronologically) and not the 2 others.

David Bowie bbark01

July 21, 2020
I think even those interview and transcription discs should be under miscellaneous instead of "albums".

David Bowie ThorBowie

May 30, 2020
I agree some of these have a place, such as promo interviews etc but things like
David Bowie / Ken Hensley - Images 1966-1967 / Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf and
RCA College Radio Series Vol. I ‎for instance needs to be put in miscellaneous.