Real Name:
David Robert Jones
British pop/rock singer, musician, songwriter, and actor.

Born: 8 January 1947 in Brixton, London, England, UK.
Died: 10 January 2016 in Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA (aged 69).

Bowie is recognized as one of the most respected contemporary musicians of his period.
Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.
Father to Duncan ZH Jones.

For a list of all band and group involvement, please see David Robert Jones.

Instruments & Performance

David Bowie - Young Americans album art David Bowie David Bowie - Young Americans (Album) EMI, EMI Japan 1991 Sell This Version
CDP 522 David Bowie - One Shot album art Tin Machine Tin Machine - One Shot(CD, Single, Promo) Victory (10) CDP 522 US 1991 Sell This Version

Writing & Arrangement

1 13 1499 David Bowie - Zázrak Je Žít album art Eva Pilarová Jen Mě Nelituj (Rock'n'Roll Suicide) (as D.Bowie) Eva Pilarová - Zázrak Je Žít(LP, Album) Supraphon 1 13 1499 Czechoslovakia 1974 Sell This Version
RCA 2640, PB 10441 David Bowie - Golden Years album art Bowie* Can You Hear Me (as D.Bowie) Bowie* - Golden Years(7", Single) RCA Victor, RCA Victor RCA 2640, PB 10441 UK 1975 Sell This Version
David Bowie - The Album album art Eater (2) Queen Bitch (as D.Bowie) Eater (2) - The Album (Album) The Label (2) UK 1977 Sell This Version
David Bowie - John, I'm Only Dancing (Again) (1975) / John, I'm Only Dancing (1972) album art David Bowie David Bowie - John, I'm Only Dancing (Again) (1975) / John, I'm Only Dancing (1972) (Single) RCA, RCA UK 1979 Sell This Version
PL-14202 David Bowie - ChangesTwoBowie album art David Bowie 1984 (as D.Bowie) and 9 more… David Bowie - ChangesTwoBowie(LP, Comp) RCA PL-14202 Italy 1981 Sell This Version
SHM 3055 David Bowie - All The Way From Memphis album art Mott The Hoople All The Young Dudes (as D.Bowie) Mott The Hoople - All The Way From Memphis(LP, Comp) Hallmark Records SHM 3055 UK 1981 Sell This Version
25S-46 David Bowie - Nightclubbing album art Grace Jones Nightclubbing (as D.Bowie) Grace Jones - Nightclubbing(LP, Album) Island Records, Polystar 25S-46 Japan 1982 Sell This Version
VPL1 7457 David Bowie - Rare album art Bowie* Velvet Goldmine (as D.Bowie) and 7 more… Bowie* - Rare(LP, Comp) RCA Victor VPL1 7457 Australia & New Zealand 1983 Sell This Version
David Bowie - All The Young Dudes album art Bruce Dickinson All The Young Dudes (as D.Bowie) Bruce Dickinson - All The Young Dudes (Single) EMI Australia 1990 Sell This Version
Adamski, Essybumpi, Menumasterp Rebel Rebel (as D.Bowie) Adamski, Essybumpi, Menumasterp - Rebel Rebel (Single) MMS, Black Star/Revenge Germany 1990 Sell This Version
3LP 152- 7 96401 1, 152Y - 7 96401 1 David Bowie - The Finest Masterpieces In Pop & Rock Vol. II album art Various All The Young Dudes (as D.Bowie) Various - The Finest Masterpieces In Pop & Rock Vol. II(3xLP, Comp) EMI, EMI 3LP 152- 7 96401 1, 152Y - 7 96401 1 Germany 1991 Sell This Version
TK 0002 - 1311 David Bowie - Drama Of Exile album art Nico (3) Heroes (as D.Bowie) Nico (3) - Drama Of Exile(LP, Album, RE) TomK TK 0002 - 1311 Czechoslovakia 1991 Sell This Version
MG 1732 David Bowie - Hot Space album art Queen Queen - Hot Space(Cass, Album, Unofficial, Gre) MG Records (2) MG 1732 Poland 1992 Sell This Version
512 506-2 David Bowie - Off The Deep End album art "Weird Al" Yankovic Ice Ice Baby (as D.Bowie) "Weird Al" Yankovic - Off The Deep End(CD, Album) Scotti Bros. Records 512 506-2 Europe 1992 Sell This Version
KTS071, KTS - 071 David Bowie - Crowning Glory album art Queen Under Pressure (as D.Bowie) Queen - Crowning Glory(CD, Unofficial) Kiss The Stone, Kiss The Stone KTS071, KTS - 071 Italy 1992 Sell This Version
74321 39147 2 David Bowie - Another Crazy Cocktail Party - Shake Your Congas album art Various Pancho (as D.Bowie) Various - Another Crazy Cocktail Party - Shake Your Congas(CD, Comp) BMG Ariola Belgium NV/SA 74321 39147 2 Belgium 1996 Sell This Version
NTRCD059 David Bowie - All You Need Is Rock Volume One album art Various All The Young Dudes (as D.Bowie) Various - All You Need Is Rock Volume One(CD, Comp) Nectar NTRCD059 Europe 1996 Sell This Version
GUN 091, 74321 36669 2 David Bowie - Suck album art T.A.S.S. T.A.S.S. - Suck(CD, Album) GUN Records (2), BMG GUN 091, 74321 36669 2 Germany 1996 Sell This Version
MAS PC0138 David Bowie - Werk 80 album art Atrocity Let's Dance (as D.Bowie) Atrocity - Werk 80(CD, Album, Promo) Swanlake Records MAS PC0138 Germany 1997 Sell This Version
7243 8 83822 2 9, 7243 8 83822 29 David Bowie - Old Before I Die album art Robbie Williams Kooks (as D.Bowie) Robbie Williams - Old Before I Die(CD, Single) Chrysalis, Chrysalis 7243 8 83822 2 9, 7243 8 83822 29 Europe 1997 Sell This Version
QRSPC 1257 David Bowie - Slam Jams Volume 1 album art Various Lust For Life (as D.Bowie) Various - Slam Jams Volume 1(Cass, Comp) Tommy Boy QRSPC 1257 Canada 1997 Sell This Version
David Bowie - Classic Rock album art Various The Man Who Sold The World (as D.Bowie) Various - Classic Rock (Comp) Disky Netherlands 1998 Sell This Version
CD 7243 499939 2 1 David Bowie - Coca Cola: Hits Of The 90's album art Various Ice Ice Baby (as D.Bowie) Various - Coca Cola: Hits Of The 90's(2xCD, Comp) EMI Finland CD 7243 499939 2 1 Finland 1999 Sell This Version

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January 7, 2019
This section is a mess, too many vinyl compilations listed. They are not albums! For example 'Rock Concert' from 1979...
this is not a complete album. it is a cheap at the time collection of live tracks from 'Stage'.
Please can we sort this out...


December 31, 2018
THE BOWIE VINYL FACTORY - or - how Death increases fame - and profit for all except the performer
[specifically vinyl here . . .]

There are so many vinyl Bowie releases after his death. It was totally understandable the year of Bowie's death, though still awesome in its extent. He's obviously one of our greatest artists and performers. And in the capitalist world, the reaction is More Product. Only the well-pocketed with a shed-load of storage can possibly keep up. Of course there was Black Star and its singles. Then presses and continual represses of important and recent albums. Lazarus the stage production and the complete Man Who Fell to Earth. The expensive and quirky 7" picture discs, unplayed by most (?), one of them has a Starman price.

Of course there is the completist's dream the 'five' year box sets. Wonderful items, though perhaps a bit of a tease for those who already have all the albums. Then other items, some of which are great to listen to. Bowie at the Beeb is a quality production and has some truly alternative takes. And other items, some of them 'rare', some simply odd: anthologies, live sets, collaborations, some 'strictly limited' . . . some unsellable before Bowies death. And some not even worth having? I wouldn't know - I don't have that big shed.

Now we have the swirly vinyl ltd edition !!! It's a key edition for the hard-to-find-on-vinyl Outside (complete - not 'excerpts'). For me Outside is a key Bowie album. It is great to have the full version available on vinyl again - I hope the sound production does the music justice. Less key are the other swrirlies - and three swirly options for each album !!! Fine, yes, it's fun, but kind of totally mad since these albums weren't being sold by the pick-up truck before death. It does make you wonder what the message is. (And let's not get all gloomy - it really isn't worth it, far worse things are happening.)

My comment throughout this mania (not aimed at sellers) is think when you collect. In my opinion, real fans should be looking at the older items and perhaps even when Bowie was less popular. It helps when your taste is not populist *. There are some great items out there at cheap prices. Listen to it, choose carefully and enjoy it. Don't buy because it is Bowie. Buy it because you love Bowie.

Sometimes when these current 'ltd editions' are issued they are not that limted at all (a ten thousand press run is not going to be a valuable collector's piece, unless it is Black Star). It is incredible the Bowie mania is still continuing (and being harvested). It won't continue. Those who bought because of the mania not the sound will eventually turn away and then prices will stabilise. Another Star will die and Bowie will be only appreciated by his fans (perhaps a growing number?). Some items will remain precious because of their genuine relevance and rarity, many others will drop in price.

. . . and another black star . . .

* Let's face it: Bowie might have had fame firmly clutched in his grasp, but I think he looked at fame ironically and preferred individualism. I wonder how well fans take in that message. The album Outside is a good lesson.


December 26, 2017
how can things like the k-tel/all saints compilation and rare be unofficial?


November 17, 2017
Does anyone else agree that records,such as,Bowie/Elvis Space Oddity/Fool and the numerous others be in the Appearances section and not in Bowies own singles section ?


March 21, 2017
Yes it is. But its value depends on many factors - number of copies, was it reprinted with correct title, was it withdrawn... No matter what it is, you should create release for your Cassette and in format choose and mark tag MISPRINT.
Also, keep on mind under guidelines title of your misprinted cassette is added correct as on normal releases while misprinted title goes to Release Notes below credits.


March 16, 2017
Would anyone know if a mis printed Pin Ups (Printed Pins Up) cassette is collectabile?


June 5, 2016
Wow, cant believe how great the records on Bureau Supply are. Sound quality and packaging are amazing.


May 29, 2016
why does 'Heroes' come before Low here at discogs?
Low was made after Station To Station and before 'Heroes'


May 6, 2016
I still can't get over his passing. The only other artist that hit me this hard was Joe Strummer.
Bowie was my very first rock star crush and the first album I ever bought was Hunky Dory. I was in 4th grade, 1982. I have been in love with him and his music ever since.
He seemed immortal.


March 4, 2016
Is Bowie's cover of Laurie Anderson - O Superman ever released on vinyl ? (as a single not in a full album...)

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