Göran Kroon

Real Name:Göran Herbert Kroon

Swedish drummer and percussionist, born on 2 January 1966 in Växjö.

He moved to Gothenburg in 1987 to study classical percussion at the Academy of Music. He graduated in 1992 and has freelanced as a musician in jazz and improvisational music. Since 2003, he has been the regular drummer in the Bohuslän Big Band. He also plays in the groups Änglaspel, Marmaduke and Kjell Jansson Quartet and has also worked since the mid-90s as a teacher at the University of Music in Gothenburg.

In Groups:Anders Hagberg Quartet, Änglaspel, Björn Samuelsson Jazz Formation, Bohuslän Big Band, Calvero, Christian Vuust Group, Johan Borgström Septet, Kjell Jansson Quartet, Lasse Lindgren Big Constellation, Magnus Nyström Band, Marmaduke (3), Mats Eklöf Octet, Orca (10), Ove Ingemarsson Quartet, Thomas Jäderlund Amazing Trio
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