Real Name:Juan Rico

Juan Rico a.k.a. Reeko was born in 1981. In spite of his youth, nowadays this spanish producer born in Asturias is one of the rookie producers with a great future to come in the worldwide techno scene.

He has shown his quality skills recording for emerging labels like Music Man Records, Integrale, Pole Recordings, Nheoma, Inceptive,Mechanisms Industries, Theory recordings, Symbolims and Warm Up.

He has started to run his own labels, Mental Disorder,Evidence records, mental re-editions and Emphatix records, distributed by triple vision and his online shop, where he is going to continue with his style of dark and effective techno. His live acts are original and heavy in the way of Birmingham sound.

Sites:Bandcamp , Facebook , Soundcloud , , Instagram , Bandcamp
Aliases:Architectural, Humano (2), Juan Rico, Kevin Pearson, Neither
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