Simon Raymonde

Real Name:Simon Philip Raymonde

Producer, composer, musician, born April 3, 1962 in Lewisham, England, son of composer Ivor Raymonde. Simon originally found himself playing bass for the London-based band the Drowning Craze and soon thereafter spawned an exceptional career as bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter and co-producer with the beautiful, elusive Cocteau Twins. In 1997 Simon's self-produced debut solo album was released to wide critical acclaim. He has since continued this successful production career, along with running the Bella Union label (also founded in 1997 with fellow-Cocteau Robin Guthrie), producing, writing and performing with various artists. In 2017 he formed a new band with Richie Thomas from Dif Juz another 4AD band, called Lost Horizons and released the debut Ojalá and in 2021 he released the second lp In Quiet Moments which he produced and mixed.

Sites:Instagram , Wikipedia , Bandcamp
In Groups:Cocteau Twins, Drowning Craze, Lost Horizons, Snowbird, The Lillies, This Mortal Coil
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