I:Cube cpeck

August 28, 2012
don't sleep on I:Cube as a DJ too. Amazing sense for selection. He has such a good feel for what works. Go dance until your feet hurt!

I:Cube as reviewed by Bergs

December 15, 2005
edited over 11 years ago
For me, I:cube is the finest electronic producer I've ever heard. I heard he wrote his first album when still a teenager. Such a variety of up uptempo and downtempo tunes on each album that span the globe and genres alike. Would highly reccommend anything by him you can get your hands on.

I:Cube as reviewed by ongo

February 5, 2003
I:cube is for me without a doubt one of the best French producers out there .

His "pic-nic attack" album is just timeless.
His remixes are just dope .
And everything else he has produced is just done with so much taste

Fuck that cheezy "french touch" crap, this guy keeps it real !!