Bastiaan de Waard

Real Name:Bastiaan de Waard

Dutch composer and record producer. Founder of EVRST Music, a company specializing in music production for theme parks, games, and cinematic works. With a passion for electronic dance music (EDM) from a young age, Bastiaan has established himself as a skilled (ghost) producer, having previously been a member and producer of the group "Chosen Few".

His music has been released on numerous top labels, including Universal Music, Talpa, Armada, Mid-Town Records, Blue Records, Neophyte Records, ToCo International, Industrial Strength, Rotterdam Records, Psychik Genocide, Mokum Records, Cenobite Records, and Megarave Records.

Bastiaan's impressive career and contributions to the music industry have earned him a well-deserved reputation as a highly respected and sought-after media composer. , , Facebook ,
Aliases:BWX (2), Café Royal, Dj Psycho (5), Dutch House Works, EVRST Music, MKS-50, ShadowTech, The Dangerous 2, The Partymasters
In Groups:Chosen Few
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