Edgar Froese

Real Name:Edgar Wilmar Fröse

German artist and electronic music pioneer (born 6 June 1944, Tilsit, East Prussia (now Sovetsk, Kaliningrad region, Russia) - died 20 January 2015, Vienna, Austria). Father of Jerome Froese.
He began his musical career in 1965 with a short-lived rock group known as The Ones. After the group's disbandment in 1967, Froese then co-founded Tangerine Dream within the same year. After decades, and a myriad of compositions, Froese remained the only original member of the band. He was married to Monique Froese from 1970 until her death in 2000; he later married Bianca Acquaye. , Wikipedia , Wikipedia , Imdb
In Groups:Ed Jefro, Tangerine Dream, The Ones (2)
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