Борис Фомин

Борис Фомин

Real Name:
Борис Иванович Фомин (Boris Ivanovich Fomin)
Борис Фомин (English: Boris Fomin, born April 12, 1900, Saint Petersburg, Russia - died October 25, 1948, Moscow, USSR) was a Soviet musician and composer, specializing in the Russian romance. Several of Fomin's songs became popular in 1920's, most notably "Dorogoi dlinnoyu" (Russian: Дорогой длинною, By Endless Road) composed in 1924, commonly known for its English version "Those Were the Days", made world-famous in 1968 by Mary Hopkin and credited to Gene Raskin who in 1962 wrote the English lyrics for the tune and claimed the song for his own.


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