The Human League


Electronic band from Sheffield, England. Formed in 1977 by Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh. Originally called 'The Future', but changed their name to 'The Human League' in 1978 with the addition of vocalist Phil Oakey and the release of the single "Being Boiled".

This original lineup lasted until 1980, after which Ware and Marsh left to form Heaven 17. Oakey kept the band name and added female vocalists, and it is this incarnation that gained widespread popularity.

Mainly known for a synthesizer based pop sound, in particular the song “Don’t You Want Me”.

In 1982 The Human League released a remix album, Love and Dancing, under the band name The League Unlimited Orchestra as a nod to Barry White's disco-era Love Unlimited Orchestra. , Facebook , X , Instagram , YouTube , , , , Wikipedia
Aliases:The League Unlimited Orchestra, The Men
Members:Ian Burden, Ian Craig Marsh, Jim Russell, Jo Callis, Joanne Catherall, Martyn Ware, Neil Sutton, Philip Adrian Wright, Philip Oakey, Russell Dennett, Susanne Sulley
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