The Jam

Formed in 1972 at Sheerwater Secondary School in Woking, England, The Jam consisted of three Members - Paul Weller (Lead Guitar, Vocals,) Rick Buckler (Drums & Percussion) and Bruce Foxton (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals). Foxton, joined in 1977, leaving local Rock band 'Zita'. As time went on and the style of the Jam’s music progressed into the 1980s, additional musicians were recruited for brass sections, percussion and backing vocals; in the case of the latter, a young female vocalist from Telford called Tracie Young (who subsequently had her own top 10 UK hit in 1983 as a solo artist with the pop song "The House That Jack Built") also appeared on the group's last three singles and was an original member of Weller’s next group; The Style Council.

By his own admission (in The Jam’s official 1983 Biography 'A Beat Concerto', written by Paolo Hewitt) Weller was influenced into forming The Jam after going to a concert of London Punk band The Clash. The name of the group came from Weller’s sister who suggested the title at breakfast one day. The first Album ‘In The City’ (1977) reflected the period of New Wave Punk that was happening in London at that time. Other songs on the album, which reflected Weller’s Punk influences, are the frantic 'Slow Down' and the equally fast paced 'Batman Theme'.

Possibly the key to the groups overwhelming success was not only Weller's outstanding ability as a songwriter and musician but also his ability to move with the times. Punk faded away in 1979 and whilst the group’s second album 'This Is The Modern World' contained elements of the Post-Punk songwriting that appeared on the previous Album, a new audience began to associate themselves with the group; the early 80s Mod Revival or 'Jam Boys' as they became known. Famously, the first draft of the 'All Mod Cons' album was scrapped in a trying period for the band with Weller temporarily lacking motivation. However the revised version of the album was well received and three more successful albums followed: 'Setting Sons', 'Sound Affects' and 'The Gift'. The group became synonymous with the 70s/80s mod scene (partly against their will), influencing other bands in the process. Weller himself came from a musical background which consisted of Northern Soul, Motown and 60s Pop bands such as The Who and The Kinks and this was reflected within the music on all of those albums. The release of 'The Gift' coincided with the band’s most successful period and contained two number one singles.

By the turn of the 1980s, The Jam was the biggest UK Singles band. All in all they scored five number one singles, the first one being 'Going Underground' which alongside 'Town Called Malice' is arguably their most famous release. When the band split it was one of a small number of their singles re-released early in 1983 that saw chart entries in the UK Top 40 with three re-releases all at once. These were 'Beat Surrender', 'Going Underground' and 'All Around The World'. Along with The Beatles, The Jam remain the only other band in the UK to have simultaneously played both sides of a 'AA' release live on the BBC music show 'Top Of The Pops', this occurring with the 1981 No. 1 single 'Town Called Malice/Precious'.

In 1982 and to the dismay of millions of their fans, Paul Weller made the shock announcement that the band was to split up. The next and final single released in December 1982 'Beat Surrender' went straight in at No. 1 and remains a lasting legacy from one of the most successful British bands ever.


PD-1-6129, 2383 475 The Jam - This Is The Modern World album art The Jam This Is The Modern World (Album) Polydor PD-1-6129, 2383 475 US 1977 Sell This Version
PD-1-6110, 2383 447 The Jam - In The City album art The Jam In The City (Album) Polydor PD-1-6110, 2383 447 US 1977 Sell This Version
POLDC 5008, 3184 114 The Jam - All Mod Cons album art The Jam All Mod Cons (Album) Polydor, Polydor POLDC 5008, 3184 114 UK 1978 Sell This Version
POLD 5028 The Jam - Setting Sons album art The Jam Setting Sons (Album, Comp) Polydor, Polydor, Polydor POLD 5028 Ireland 1979 Sell This Version
CN 3467/S The Jam - In Concert-219 album art The Jam In Concert-219 BBC Transcription Services CN 3467/S UK 1980 Sell This Version
28CM 0008 The Jam - Sound Affects album art The Jam Sound Affects (Album) Polydor 28CM 0008 Japan 1980 Sell This Version
RL 11-1 The Jam - Sound Effects / The Fool Circle album art The Jam / Nazareth (2) The Jam / Nazareth (2) - Sound Effects / The Fool Circle(LP, Transcription) AFRTS, American Forces Radio And Television Service, United States Department Of Defense RL 11-1 US 1980 Sell This Version
#223 The Jam - BBC Rock Hour #223 album art The Jam BBC Rock Hour #223(LP, Transcription) London Wavelength #223 US 1981 Sell This Version
2383 636 The Jam - The Gift album art The Jam The Gift (Album) Polydor, Polydor 2383 636 Australasia 1982 Sell This Version
POLD 5075, 2383 658 The Jam - Dig The New Breed album art The Jam Dig The New Breed (Album) Polydor, Polydor POLD 5075, 2383 658 UK 1982 Sell This Version
CN 04033/S The Jam - In Concert-282 album art Spandau Ballet / The Jam Spandau Ballet / The Jam - In Concert-282(LP, Transcription) BBC Transcription Services CN 04033/S UK 1982 Sell This Version
314 519 667-2 The Jam - Live Jam album art The Jam Live Jam (Album, Comp) Polydor 314 519 667-2 US 1993 Sell This Version
TCDC 0049 The Jam - Classic In Concert - 46 album art The Jam Classic In Concert - 46(CD, Transcription) BBC Transcription TCDC 0049 UK 1995 Sell This Version
5896902 The Jam - The Jam At The BBC album art The Jam The Jam At The BBC (Comp, Album) Polydor, Universal 5896902 Europe 2002 Sell This Version
0602537185955 The Jam - Copenhagen April 1982 album art The Jam Copenhagen April 1982(LP) Polydor 0602537185955 Europe 2012 Sell This Version
0602537946983 The Jam - Live At The Brighton Centre December 1979 album art The Jam Live At The Brighton Centre December 1979(2xLP, Album, Ltd) Polydor, Universal UMC 0602537946983 Europe 2014 Sell This Version
4738610 The Jam - Fire And Skill album art The Jam Fire And Skill(Box + 6xCD) Polydor, Universal UMC 4738610 Worldwide 2015 Sell This Version
4747449 The Jam - Live At Newcastle City Hall 28th October 1980 album art The Jam Live At Newcastle City Hall 28th October 1980(2xLP, Ltd) Polydor, Universal UMC 4747449 UK 2015 Sell This Version
RRLP 141 The Jam - The Jam Live At The 100 Club 11th September 1977 album art The Jam The Jam Live At The 100 Club 11th September 1977 Polydor, Universal UMC RRLP 141 UK 1991 Sell This Version
0602547930620 The Jam - Live At Reading University 16th February 1979 album art The Jam Live At Reading University 16th February 1979(2xLP) Polydor, UMC 0602547930620 Europe 2016 Sell This Version
0602547930569 The Jam - The Jam Live At The Music Machine 2nd March 1978 album art The Jam The Jam Live At The Music Machine 2nd March 1978(2xLP, Ltd, RM, 180) Polydor, UMC 0602547930569 Europe 2016 Sell This Version
00602557715507, 5771550 The Jam - 1977 album art The Jam 1977 (Comp, Album) Polydor, UMC 00602557715507, 5771550 UK & Europe 2017 Sell This Version
602557141092 The Jam - The Jam Live At The Hammersmith Palais 14th December 1981 album art The Jam The Jam Live At The Hammersmith Palais 14th December 1981(2xLP, RM) Polydor, UMC 602557141092 UK 2017 Sell This Version
0602557141122 The Jam - Live At Wembley Arena 2nd December 1982 album art The Jam Live At Wembley Arena 2nd December 1982(2xLP, Album) Polydor, UMC 0602557141122 Europe 2017 Sell This Version
skytrip4 The Jam - studio sessions 1975-1976 album art The Jam studio sessions 1975-1976(LP, Pic) Not On Label skytrip4 UK & Europe 2022 Sell This Version

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May 11, 2022
Please put the 1st two albums in correct chronological order. 'In the City' came out first.


January 23, 2022
edited 5 months ago
I agree with the negative comments about this puzzling write-up which I'd say is about as accurate as Michael J Fox in an archery contest "The mod revival in the early 80's"? I went to see them in '78 on the 'all MOD cons' tour wearing a fishtail Parka, Ben Sherman, Sta-Pressed, and obviously Jam shoes. There was no "mod revival" it was just how Jam fans dressed. Sure we called ourselves mods but only because the Jam did. The most ridiculous question you could ask a "New MOD" back then would have been "what's your favourite band?" There was no other band. Remember there were only two other 'MOD revival" acts and they were 'secret affair' and 'the merton parkas' and they managed about 3 hits between them. I could go on for pages about how misleading the band synopsis is here but I suppose there are enough biographies available to get closer to the truth. Unless you were a wide-eyed teen in the late 70's you'll probably never quite understand the impact this band had. Clearly the write up was done by a millennial with zero knowledge or love for The Jam who were (and still are) the finest 3 piece ever to grace a stage anywhere in the world. Lads I salute you and thank you for the best years of my life. As for the write up I'd suggest you read the comments to get some real info. There are some much more knowledgable balanced reviews in there from people who give a shit whether what they say is accurate. Foxton joined when? LOL


September 11, 2020
For a moment, between 1979-1982, The Jam ruled the UK music scene. For those that were there, we will never forget. It was more than just the music, it was the look, the attitude and the lyrics. I still have the shoes.


August 29, 2020
edited about 1 year ago
Nobody seems to have spotted the date error on the JAM description header ,it reads "Formed in Woking, England in 1976,"i think it's fair to say they were actually formed and indeed won a talent contest way before that ,it's well documented to be 1973 .....perhaps possibly 1972.
The talent contest was in April of 73 at Woking ,UK.
If 76 was a reference to recorded material records ,that again is incorrect it's 77. .
So how is 76 is attributed to the "formation" NEEDS CHANGING .
Foxton joined May 1973 ,not 77 ....zita ?? er no ,it's a mess is this description ,suprised the experts didn't notice anything.


August 24, 2020
Seriously,:'citizen journalism'.
"Formed The Jam after seeing The Clash"??
"Bruce Foxton joined in 1977"??
Welcome to 'The Internet' where drivel passes as fact.


August 4, 2020
I used to see loads of these advertised in the 90s. Often the same tracks were pressed on different colours too! Obviously very cheap to produce and put in a unique 'homemade' Xerox PS.
I would imagine great fun but frustrating to collect!


May 21, 2020
I've managed to track down over 100 of these and as you said some obscure album tracks on them


March 5, 2020
Does anyone know how many singles/tracks were released as Russian Flexi Discs(BYA KOH Label)?I have 14 of them but unsure if there were anymore


March 9, 2018
Anyone know anything about an LP, The Jam "The Boston Tea Party - Live At The Paradise Ballroom, Boston '79" It states "For Radio Station Use Only On The Following
Boston Colleges
Rochford Campus
Chestnut Hill Campus
Wheelock College
Kings Boston Pine Manor College Campus
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