The Jam sydneyt10

May 11, 2022
Please put the 1st two albums in correct chronological order. 'In the City' came out first.

The Jam event13

January 23, 2022
edited 7 months ago
I agree with the negative comments about this puzzling write-up which I'd say is about as accurate as Michael J Fox in an archery contest "The mod revival in the early 80's"? I went to see them in '78 on the 'all MOD cons' tour wearing a fishtail Parka, Ben Sherman, Sta-Pressed, and obviously Jam shoes. There was no "mod revival" it was just how Jam fans dressed. Sure we called ourselves mods but only because the Jam did. The most ridiculous question you could ask a "New MOD" back then would have been "what's your favourite band?" There was no other band. Remember there were only two other 'MOD revival" acts and they were 'secret affair' and 'the merton parkas' and they managed about 3 hits between them. I could go on for pages about how misleading the band synopsis is here but I suppose there are enough biographies available to get closer to the truth. Unless you were a wide-eyed teen in the late 70's you'll probably never quite understand the impact this band had. Clearly the write up was done by a millennial with zero knowledge or love for The Jam who were (and still are) the finest 3 piece ever to grace a stage anywhere in the world. Lads I salute you and thank you for the best years of my life. As for the write up I'd suggest you read the comments to get some real info. There are some much more knowledgable balanced reviews in there from people who give a shit whether what they say is accurate. Foxton joined when? LOL
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February 17, 2022
well noted, I was into the jam from day one, I didn't consider myself a mod until 1979 when I bought a Vespa, prior to that The Jam were THE BAND who reflected my music trends, American R&B, Soul, Motown and Punk with 60s pop and ska not forgetting Northern soul and Reggae. The Jam somehow managed to incorporate it all, great songs, albums that made history and concerts to remember until you die, when they split up I saw the style council at one of their first gigs at Glastonbury and they impressed me with their soul-jazz rhythms but its the energy of youth that The Jam captured and that is why they had to split up you can't be a teenager at 30 (the rolling stones tried that and look and sound stupid) Weller matured and so did his sound, but them early days as a teenager listening to the three of them breaking down the walls was special, very special to me. .I was 17 in 1977, One thing that impressed me was how only three people could create so much sound, it sounded like a six-piece band and when you consider how young they were the quality of the music live is exceptional, never to be repeated, we were part of it and it won't happen again.

The Jam jerapah

September 11, 2020
For a moment, between 1979-1982, The Jam ruled the UK music scene. For those that were there, we will never forget. It was more than just the music, it was the look, the attitude and the lyrics. I still have the shoes.

The Jam wellerxxx

August 29, 2020
edited about 1 year ago
Nobody seems to have spotted the date error on the JAM description header ,it reads "Formed in Woking, England in 1976,"i think it's fair to say they were actually formed and indeed won a talent contest way before that ,it's well documented to be 1973 .....perhaps possibly 1972.
The talent contest was in April of 73 at Woking ,UK.
If 76 was a reference to recorded material records ,that again is incorrect it's 77. .
So how is 76 is attributed to the "formation" NEEDS CHANGING .
Foxton joined May 1973 ,not 77 ....zita ?? er no ,it's a mess is this description ,suprised the experts didn't notice anything.
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February 17, 2022
edited 6 months ago
formed 1972 woking surrey, first 3 singles I NEED YOU - MODERN WORLD - IN THE CITY 1977

The Jam NeedleTime

August 24, 2020
Seriously,:'citizen journalism'.
"Formed The Jam after seeing The Clash"??
"Bruce Foxton joined in 1977"??
Welcome to 'The Internet' where drivel passes as fact.
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The Jam sydfloyd

September 9, 2021
Too true. In 100 years time, they'll still be quoting this nonsense somewhere on the web....

The Jam idjitsavant

August 4, 2020
I used to see loads of these advertised in the 90s. Often the same tracks were pressed on different colours too! Obviously very cheap to produce and put in a unique 'homemade' Xerox PS.
I would imagine great fun but frustrating to collect!

The Jam jammyspur

May 21, 2020
I've managed to track down over 100 of these and as you said some obscure album tracks on them

The Jam jammyspur

March 5, 2020
Does anyone know how many singles/tracks were released as Russian Flexi Discs(BYA KOH Label)?I have 14 of them but unsure if there were anymore
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The Jam fulhambob

May 2, 2020
edited over 2 years ago
There was a load on ebay just recently, lots of different titles and colours. May even still be up.

The Jam jammyspur

April 19, 2020
That makes 15 as I haven't seen Eton Rifles , but have Private Hell
I Have Standards, Heatwave, Funeral Pyre, Art School, Sounds From The Street, Bricks and Mortar, Little Boy Soldiers,Non Stop Dancing, Tonight at Noon, Trans Global Express,Billy Hunt.David Watts, Away From The Numbers as well as Private Hell
Hope this helps BYA KOH is the record label

The Jam 1961blues

April 13, 2020
I have ‘Private Hell’ and have also seen ‘Eton Rifles’.

The Jam BigDope

March 9, 2018
Anyone know anything about an LP, The Jam "The Boston Tea Party - Live At The Paradise Ballroom, Boston '79" It states "For Radio Station Use Only On The Following
Boston Colleges
Rochford Campus
Chestnut Hill Campus
Wheelock College
Kings Boston Pine Manor College Campus
Campus Tan

Limited to an edition of 30
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February 17, 2022
recorded 12 April 1979 and pressed in vinyl for USA FM radio play, it soon got bootlegged on cassette and became easy to get in the UK soon after,

The Jam satsumauk

May 1, 2018
It is a bootleg lp & goes for at least £150+ on Ebay & Popsike - - cheers!

The Jam gel9

April 25, 2018
I have one and the way I understand it is they are bootlegs , but , hey. Who knows

The Jam fulhambob

May 4, 2017
Can someone confirm whether all the singles were re-released in 1983, or just up to Start!?
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The Jam MrKite4

July 19, 2019
Yes they were i bought most of mine from then. The Jam had all of their singles in the charts if my memory serves me well i'm pretty sure they had something like 11 reords in the top 40. Bought mine in WHSmiths in the days of them selling records and i also remember them been on the walls to as you walked up to the counter. I still own my collection from then but since bought all the originals now.

The Jam satsumauk

May 8, 2017
Hi - Polydor re-released all Jam singles January 1983 with official U.K releases given to "That's Entertainment" & Just Who is the 5 O'clock Hero?". Highest chart positions were for "Going Underground" (21) & "Tube Station" (30) each spending 6 weeks in the top 75. All singles from "In the City" to "Eton Rifles" were also given a re-release in 1980 after "Going Underground" hit number 1 - cheers!