Bananarama erasercut

January 22, 2020
Since I was 10 or so,they've been my band-catchy,fun,relatable,a great ear for producers,and great writers of lyrics...always delivering,but getting criticised in the 80's..don't understand that-what i know is they were better than any of the PWL "made" acts,because they have the say in where the songs a trio,the second trio,or as a duo---i like it all. But as a duo live or in studio,there is something to be said for how they tune and comfortable with the other,vocally and the direction they take.They are the best girl group the world will know,and that relies on classic songs after song.And maybe,one of the most distinctive groups ever.They really say it their way,and have fun doing it.I think their music doubles as an antidepressant,if you let it.When you're young,you just like why dissect it too much.The best music in history is made to enjoy it all.Here's to ten more years!!

Bananarama nicosphere1

August 23, 2020
pop music (especially from the 1980's) has always been criticized because it's "not cool." I think that is so ridiculous since most people were listening to it and enjoying it. also, banarama sold millions and millions of records. I guess that's not cool either lol. these girls are magic!

Bananarama cyanure

May 14, 2017
they are AMAZING!they've been the soundtrack of my first 12" was really sayin' something/aie a mwana us edition...and from then on i collect everything they have done.

Bananarama djmikeyb68

April 25, 2017
And just like that they are 3 again. Welcome back Siobhan.

Bananarama Spinecrawler

November 22, 2010
edited over 10 years ago
Personally i would and never really do blame bananarama for making a few weak albums in the last few years,much of the blame is on the producer(s),the song writing and that person who has no-idea in choosing proper singles,bananarama really need to find a producer who has talent and a vision,trying to sound like everyone else is not a benefit but will be their undoing,i'm starting to fear that bananarama are become much too Over-produced to the point of being boring and desperate,this latest production is basically kissing up and bowing to the Late night club kids,bananarama as i see it really need to get back with Siobhan and some very cutting edge producers who believe in the ladies and what their doing or hope to do before no one remotely cares.... Swedish production/producers might be an idea or better yet pete hammond

Bananarama Spinecrawler

February 4, 2012

They worked with Swedish producers over the last few years. Korpi and Blackcell did a number of tracks with them in Sweden.
quality Swedish producers WHO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING,not amateurs......sorry i didn't point this out

Bananarama Electrofreaks

January 10, 2012
edited over 9 years ago