A Flock Of Seagulls


New Wave group started by Mike Score and his brother Ali in Liverpool, UK. Initially active between 1979 and 1985, they reunited in 2003 for a one-off performance on the "VH1 Series, Bands Reunited", and reformed again in September 2004 for a small number of live shows in the United States, but broke up immediately afterward.

In 2018, the members of the original lineup came together to record an album with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra entitled Ascension. In 2021, the original lineup once again reunited temporarily to record another album with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra entitled String Theory.

Mike Score (vocals, keyboards)
Paul Reynolds (guitar 1980-84)
Ali Score (drums 1980-86)
Frank Maudsley (bass 1980-86)
Chris Chryssaphis (keyboards on "Dream Come True Tour," '86), Gary Steadnin (guitar on "Dream Come True Tour," '86)
Dean Pichette (bass 1995), A.J. Mazzetti (drums 1995), Ed Berner (guitar 1995)
Joe Rodriguez (9) (guitar 1998- )
Albert Cruz (drums), Robbie 'Sinn' Hanson (bass) , Facebook , Instagram , Bandcamp , Lastfm , Wikipedia , , , Imdb
Members:A.J. Mazzetti, Ali Score, Dean Pichette, Ed Berner, Frank Maudsley, Gordon Deppe, Kaya Pryor, Mike Score, Paul Reynolds
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