Der Böse Bub Eugen


Swiss rock band, formed in 1983 in Schaffhausen. The name translates “The bad boy Eugene”. They were first regarded as the Swiss version of Die Ärzte, yet their style was somewhere between Swiss punk and new wave. They quote e.g. Kleenex, Sperma, Mittagspause, F.S.K., Abwärts, S.Y.P.H. and ZK (2) as their influences.

The original line-up consisted of:
Lenz aka Lenz Müller: bass, backing vocals
Fisch aka Martin Fischer (6): drums
Rämi aka Stephan Ramming: vocals, guitar

In 1989, after the release of their album Der Böse Bub Eugen - Himmel, Hölle Und Der Fisch, Lenz left the band. In 1990 they changed their name to just Eugen and reformed with a different line-up. In 1998 they stopped their Eugen project alltogether after their new guitar player left the band to become a fulltime dad.

Lenz and Fisch both now play in a band called “50 Foot Mama” from Zurich. Rämi works as a sports reporter for the newspaper NZZ.

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Members:Lenz Müller, Martin Fischer (6), Stephan Ramming
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