Franklyn Baur


American tenor vocal recording artist in early 20th century.
Born on April 5, 1903, in Brooklyn, NY.
Died on February 24, 1950, in New York City, NY.
He first recorded for Columbia in 1923. Then often using pseudonyms on various labels as: Irvin Post (Puritan), George Bronson (Regal and Banner), Sydney or Sidney Mitchell (Oriole and Banner) and Ben Litchfield (Radiex, Grey Gull and related labels).
He was sometimes Charles Dale or Joseph Elliott (National Music Lovers), but these pseudonyms were also used by other singers. , Wikipedia ,
Aliases:Ben Litchfield, Franklin Bower, Irving Post, Lester Hartley, Sidney Mitchell (2)
In Groups:Baur And Sloan, The Cathedral Choir (2), The Merrymakers (3), The Revelers (2), The Singing Sophomores
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