Eliot Bates

Real Name:Eliot Bates

Eliot Bates has been recording and performing oud and synthesizers (and sometimes voice, piano, or resonant kitchen objects) since 1992. They have contributed as a performer, composer, or audio engineer to over 80 albums produced in the US, UK and Turkey, and to several TV series and feature films. Recent collaborations have included Manifestoon Platoon (with Arseni Troitski), The Big Bumble Bees (with Baby Dee), and contributing to several albums of Current 93. , Soundcloud , Vimeo
Aliases:Kaderci, Makamqore
In Groups:3spell, Basquerole, Kinetik Trance, Manifestoon Platoon, Nerelisin, The Big Bumble Bees, Farabi


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