Butcher (7)


Punk band formed in Bournemouth in August 1981, Dorset, England, UK. Stopped in October 1987.

Lawrence 'Sid' Rigler - Vocals (R.I.P.)
Dave John - Guitar (ex Intestines)
Steve 'Snatch' Morgan - Bass (R.I.P.) (ex Intestines) † January 1982
Rob - Drums (ex Intestines)
Colin - Bass (ex Annex, Agrovation) from April 1982

In 1984, Butcher released a K7 on Inept productions "Blood Age" from which were extracted the titles "Leave alive" and "Time will tell" on the compilation "A kick up the ass" as well as the title "What a way to go" on the compilation "77 records present". In 1986, the group recorded what was to be an album to be released on 77KK records, but the project never came to realise. These recordings will be released on a posthumous K7 "Ignite the thrill" released by Inept productions in 1988.

Members:Colin (42), Dave John (2), John Baptist, Lawrence 'Sid' Rigler, Rob Banks (2), Steve Morgan (12)


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