Halo Effect


The italian job: Halo Effect started in the autumn of 2001, thanks to the union of different musical experiences.
The atmosphere of their music ranges from Synthpop to EBM, through Darkwave, with some more experimental passages.
The intense live activity, has led them to play in various parts of Italy and abroad, sharing the stage with artists like Front 242, Melotron, Covenant, Cruxshadows, Steve Naghavi (And One), De/Vision, Bloody, Dead & Sexy, Ionic Vision, and Krisma Greenhaus, resulting in an increased response at an international level.
After the first 2 cd-demos “Past Continuous” and “Days of Silence” and one EP “Schwarz EP”, which have enjoyed great success with audiences and critics, Halo Effect has produced two full length CDs “New Romantic Industry” and “The Fourth Zone”, which was followed by several important remixes by international bands (like Eternal Afflict, A Spell Inside, Spektralized, Etc..) who have become one of the best electro bands of the Italian and European scene. , Facebook , Bandcamp
Members:Alessandro Polinori, Federico Rosi, John Andrew Peverieri, Marco Cattani


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