An Italian artist, born 28 March 1950, died 17 August 2018 in Bologna. He was a singer, poet, writer, and a professor in highschool. His albums are characterized by a strong political message. He used his music to describe the motivations and delusions of an era and a generation, which is deceived by trying to change humanity.

His first musical experiences started in the early 70s into the Osteria delle Dame of Bologna. Francesco Guccini introduced him into the music company EMI Italiana, who edited his first four LP from 1972 to 1976. The themes of his albums are incentered into political issues, as for example the album Un uomo in crisi he follows the events of [[Antonio Gramsci]'s life, but also in personal event of life, as the song "quando la morte avrà" (when the death will have). His main success are the songs "zingari felici", "aspettando Godot", "Michel", "quando la morte avrà", "quanto amore", "Borghesia", classical song of the Italian history of music of '70s.

He started his career as a writer editing in the early 1980s and in 20 years he has written five novels. Antipatici antipodi, his first work started in 1972, was published in 1997.