Pierre Nolès

Real Name:Pierre De Gagné

French Canadian composer, instrumentist, arranger, conductor, producer born in 1932 and died in 2017 (85 years).
Famous during 1960's-1970's, he began his career in 1957 as a cabaret pianist and soon became an arranger for the Canadian record company Apex (3). Throughout the 1960s he composed numerous French versions of American successes as well as original songs for many artists. In 1965, he composed with Michel Conte the musical Le Clan where himself starred. At the 1969 Record Festival, he received a trophy for his work as arranger and conductor. He was interested in social dance music since the early 1960s and produced many of them in the 1970s. He conducted what is probably the most prolific studio orchestra in Quebec's musical history.
Founder of record companies «Le Diable Musicien» (1973), «Marche» (1973) and «Rencontre (2)» (1976). , Imdb
Aliases:Pierre Degagné, Robert St-Jacques
In Groups:Le Grand Orchestre et Les Choeurs De Pierre Nolès, Marjolaine Et Pierre, Pierre Nolès Et Son Ensemble "Fan-Club", Pierre Nolès Et Son Orchestre
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