Mylène Farmer picdisc65

September 9, 2018
I'm completely annoyed that the 12" single reissues in coloured vinyl are limited to being only 500 copies each. It's clear that this number is far too low to satisfy the demand. A better marketing ploy was employed with the album picture disc reissue campaign from a few years back, when numbers pressed met demand. And no, I'm not a bitter whiner because I can't get them. I can, if I pay the exorbitant prices being charged by people who's only motive is to make money from people desperate enough to pay the asking price. I'm not one of those people. I would like them, but not enough to line the pockets of scalpers. I don't blame them, I blame the system that issues 500 copies when it's clear from her fan base that this is never going to be enough. Shame. In all respects.

Mylène Farmer gabriel74

February 22, 2019
If you go today on difymusic site you can get the 8 last colour reeditions for 15,99€ each, the lowest price you can find them !

Mylène Farmer Anthony-Lee

November 23, 2018
they are available at new since today ! go to difymusic site ;)

Mylène Farmer dneaeade

October 11, 2018
I completely agree with you. I'm not interrested in the least with the 12 inch singles (I completely stopped bying vinyls in the 90's) but the same happens with her CD Singles. Her last one "N'oublies Pas" : I was working the morning it was released. When I got out from work at noon that day, already all the CD singles disappeared from shops and now if I want to buy it, it's sold only with the price doubled by greedy people. Sorry I'm not buying it. It's always like that with Mylene's releases.

When I was a big fan of hers years ago, I managed to be on holiday everytime she released a single, but I'm not that kind of fan anymore. But still when things like that happen again, it still bothers me a little.

Mylène Farmer DjFredVal

September 10, 2018
You're absolutely right, it's shameful. (one, two, three, four words,...)

Mylène Farmer zimny.pawel

December 31, 2017
Mylène Farmer sang with Sting, Moby, Seal , she's a sophisticated artist , creates a beautiful and dreamy music landscapes..., there's something special a kind of aura ..
If you speak french you will love her music...and her angelic voice ..

Mylène Farmer picdisc65

September 9, 2018
And even if you don't speak French she has a huge appeal...

Mylène Farmer muziken

November 13, 2017
Have all of her studio albums, even though I know very little French. I just love the sound of her voice and the accompanying music. I have the most diverse musical taste of anyone I've ever known. :)

Mylène Farmer yankfish

April 27, 2017
big fan of hers also. so much good music from a solo artist.
i'd put her catalogue up against just about anybody and Mylene would come out on top.
one big difference though is her live work is in many ways better than her albums, a sign of a true great artist.

Mylène Farmer Gm4Gp

March 8, 2016
She is THE french female artst.
Independant, underground and coquine.

Mylène Farmer as reviewed by Crijevo

April 20, 2005
edited over 14 years ago
Modern pop music produced quite a number of strange characters, among them was Mylene Farmer who always played in subversive manner.

In her particular case, music itself does not necessarily affect you unless you have a degree in French or previously saw any of her highly effective, and most of the time disturbing, ambitious videos ('Tristana', 'Sans Contrefacon', 'Sans Logique', 'Beyond My Control', 'Desenchantee') - issues of death which she combined with obscenities of all sorts make perfect commentary on our daily routine stabbed with sense of fright and autosuggestion, whether it is sex, death or religion. Songs are usually icy vocals, very sensitive but the moment you get to sensitivity they pound you like a hammer. The first two albums are essential at such point. The rest respectfully continue to create an aura of misticism around this excellent artist. Recent works like 'Remixes' for example, are a little too late to reveal any impact Farmer might have (had) on the clubbing scene, still her electro-pop does not stand out either.