Aural Float was formed in 1993 as an electronic ambient project with lots of electro-acoustic and creative interplay.
The collaboration is floating with "deep sounds". Aural Float's music style can be best described as "modern electronic listening music" ranging from ambient to space and experimental soundscapes. They released three electronic and atmospheric albums, Introspectives, Freefoat and Beautiful Someday.
Aural Float members are: Alex Azary, Gabriel Le Mar and Pascal FEOS, who share a passion for music, computer graphics, science fiction and art in general.

Aural Float also worked on audiovisual concepts: as a team they artistcally supervised SPACENIGHT, a prototype of a TV-concept, utilizing spectacular film- and documentary footage from outer space with music made on Earth. A spacy sound to accompany the viewer for hours in space. [Invalid Artist] became a success on German television and soon reached cult status among the young night watchers until today. Deep space in the wee hours - on air since 1996. End-of-Days sound for the next generation.

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