Real Name:Steffen Britzke

Stevie B-Zet (31-08-1960 - 27-07-2023) was a German keyboard player and producer. Well-known productions are B-Zet “Everlasting Pictures (Right Through Infinity)” or Zyon “No Fate” released on the label Eye Q Records.

Steffen “B-Zet” Britzke became known, especially in the collaboration with Sven Väth. They set up together the music project Astral Pilot.
In 1995 the album Electro Acupuncture was released on the label Harthouse (HHLP013), the movie soundtrack Der kalte Finger was released. The track Scotty’s Arrival from his album “When I See” was used as an extro track for the BR-Alpha series alpha-Centauri with Prof. Harald Lesch. 

In the nineties he performed his album Archaic Modulation at the legendary Jazz Festival in Montreux. From this album, Phil Collins chose the title “Passion And Hope” and played the track as an intro on one of his world tour. The album Word (setting the texts “Aesthetic System”) was produced with Rainald Goetz. In 1997 he placed six titles on the Album “Every Kind of Mood” by Randy Crawford. 

Years later he recorded with Laith Al-Deen from “Everlasting Pictures” the new and very successful German speaking version “Bilder von Dir”. This was the big breakthrough for Laith A-Deen. 

Stevie B-Zet played the keyboards for international artists like Quincy Jones and Sheila E. 
He also contributed numerous remix productions, e.g. Little Star RMX by Stina Nordenstam, which became the mix of the week in England.

With the Produktionszelle Schallbau (with Matthias Hoffmann and Ralf Hildenbeutel) he produced successful artists between 1998 and 2008 e.g. Simon Collins, Laith Al-Deen and others.
In the last few years, he focused mainly on composition of movie music (many collaborations with Ralf Hildenbeutel), such as “Mondscheintarif” or “Vincent will meer” Deutscher Filmpreis (German Film Awards). , , MySpace , Wikipedia
Aliases:Steffen Britzke
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