Swedish Dark-Synth/Electro band

Friends since 1986, the members of Covenant released "Dreams Of A Cryotank", their first album, in 1994, after a first demo-tape in 1992.
The original line-up for the years 1992-2006 included vocalist and songwriter Eskil Simonsson, keyboardist and lyricist Joakim Montelius, and keyboardist Clas Nachmanson.

In 1998, after releasing two more albums and a handful of singles/EPs and the demise of their North American label 21st Circuitry, they started a relationship with distributor Metropolis with the release of the Euro EP.

On July 13, 1999, Metropolis re-released their first three albums and the Theremin EP.

Still continuing to produce music together, Joakim Montelius and Eskil Simonsson have since 2010 taken up residence in separate countries: Montelius resides in Barcelona (Spain), while Simonsson lives in Berlin (Germany).

Daniel Myer (Haujobb/Architect) replaced live and studio Clas Nachmanson since 2007, Daniel Jonasson (Dupont) replaces live Montelius since 2010. , Facebook , Bandcamp , Bandcamp , MySpace , Soundcloud , X , , , Wikipedia
Members:Andreas Catjar, Clas Nachmanson, Daniel Jonasson, Daniel Myer, Eskil Simonsson, Joakim Montelius
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