The House Of Love


English indie pop/alternative rock band founded in 1986 in London.

The initial line-up included principle songwriter Guy Chadwick (vocals, guitar), Terry Bickers (guitar), Andrea Heukamp (guitar, vocals), Chris Groothuizen (bass) & Pete Evans (drums). Heukamp left in 1987 and was not replaced; the group recorded their debut album as a quartet. Bickers left in late 1989 and was replaced by Simon Walker (guitar). Walker left in early 1992 and was replaced by Simon Mawby (guitar) but Mawby quit the band before the end of the year. Chadwick, Groothuizen and Evans toured as a trio and recorded "Audience With The Mind" in early 1993 but had disbanded by the time the album was released.

In 2005, the group reformed with Chadwick, Bickers, Evans and Matt Jury (bass). They recorded two further studio albums and toured sporadically.

In 2021 Chadwick disbanded the 2005 line-up and recruited three new members to tour the US and record a new album, released in 2022. , , Facebook , Instagram , Wikipedia
Members:Andrea Heukamp, Chris Groothuizen, Guy Chadwick, Harry Osborne (3), Hugo Degenhardt, Keith Michael Osborne, Matt Jury, Peter Evans, Simon Walker (2), Terry Bickers
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