Catulo Da Paixão Cearense

Catulo Da Paixão Cearense

Real Name:Catulo da Paixão Cearense

Catulo da Paixão Cearense (São Luis , October 8, 1863 - Rio de Janeiro , May 10, 1946 ) was a poet , musician and Brazilian composer . The date of birth was long considered day January 31, 1866 , as the original date was modified so that Catullus could be appointed to the public service.

Son of Amâncio José Paixão Cearense (from Ceará) and Maria Celestina Braga (from Maranhão) .

He moved to Rio in 1880 , at age 17 , with family . Worked as a watchmaker . Met many whiners of the time as Anacleto de Medeiros and Viriato Figueira da Silva , when it started in music . Integrated in town Bohemian means , he joined the bookseller Pedro da Silva Lent , owner of People's Library , now in edit flyer string repertoire fads of the time .

Catullus Passion Ceará began organizing collections , including The Rio The singer and popular music , as well as the works themselves . Lived carefree, it was bohemian , and died in poverty .

In some compositions had the collaboration of some partners : Anacleto de Medeiros , Ernesto Nazareth , Chiquinha Gonzaga , Francisco Braga and others.

His most famous compositions are Luar do Sertão ( in partnership with João Pernambuco ) , 1914 , which in the opinion of Pedro Lessa is the national anthem of the Brazilian backlands , and the letter to loving flower , which had been composed by Joaquim Calado in 1867 . Is also responsible for the rehabilitation of the guitar in the halls of Rio's high society and the reform of the " fad " .





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