Lorenzo Meinardi

Real Name:Lorenzo Meinardi

Italian composer, producer and musician, also singer. Very active in the 80's with the Italo-Disco genre (see Moses (2)'s Our Revolution/We Just), was also covering the record producer'role as did in 1983 for My Destiny by Witch Elizabeth, released on 12" by Best Record. in the 1984 sung in the first person with the art name of Richard Romeo on disco-hit Non Chalance, 7" and 12" released by Polygram Records. As a studio producer and vocal arranger and performer he has been working with major italodisco productions of the 80ies, special mention to Gazebo I Like Chopin, Lunatic and Love in Your Eyes. Has enjoyed often collaborating with RCA records for children writing very popular songs, like Lallabel and performing with his silky voice in many songs with the group Rocking Horse.
As a composer he as been writing several songs for the french popstar Jeanne Mas, canadian popstars Rene Simard , Nathalie Simard and Ginette Reno. He has reached the top of his composing career writing the song Out of my life for the great Ray Charles.

Aliases:Lawrence Meinardi, Richard Romeo
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