The Hep Stars


Swedish pop group formed in 1963 under the name Quartet Yep. The group was one of the most successful in Sweden in the 1960s. It was dissolved in 1973, but re-emerged in the late 1980s. Several of the members have achieved success on their own or in other groups, including Svenne Hedlund as solo artist and Benny Andersson in Abba, among others.

Members of hit-making line up:
Janne Frisk
Svenne Hedlund
Lennart Hegland
Christer Pettersson
Benny Andersson

Benny Andersson replaced founding member Hans "Hasse Hep" Östlund on organ after their first 45 release. Later joined by Charlotte "Lotta" Jean Hedlund, née Walker, wife of Svenne Hedlund (later they formed the duo Svenne & Lotta). , Wikipedia , Wikipedia , Imdb
Members:Bengt "Bengan" Arenblad, Benny Andersson, Christer Pettersson (2), Hans Östlund (2), Janne Frisk, Josephine Tian, Kookie Tian, Lennart Hegland, Lotta Hedlund, Peter Molin (3), Svenne Hedlund, Torgny Stoor, Totte Päivärinta
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