Son Of Clay

Son Of Clay

Real Name:
Andreas Bertilsson
Andreas Bertilsson, born in Sweden 1972. Graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from the Malmö Art Academy in 1999. His musical production as well as his artistic works reveals a profound interest in exploring the potential of performance, musical and environmental sampling and digital post-production. These shows references to traditional musique concrete as well as contemporary genres as minimalism and isolationism. Despite its abstractedness the music is bare, personal and direct. The sounds create a state which forms a direct link to body and memory.


Son Of Clay Discography Tracks


escudre02 Son Of Clay Face Takes Shape(CD) Komplott escudre02 Sweden 2002 Sell This Version
escudre04 Son Of Clay The Bird You Never Were(CD) Komplott escudre04 Sweden 2004 Sell This Version
Son Of Clay Two Abstract Paintings (Album) Mitek Sweden 2005 Sell This Version


strsim04 Son Of Clay Starfield Simulation 04(CDr) Komplott strsim04 Sweden 2002 Sell This Version