Limp Bizkit


Rap-Rock / Nu-Metal (Modern Rock) band from Jacksonville, Florida (USA).

Limp Bizkit formed in 1994 under the name "Limp Biscut". In 1996 they changed the spelling of the name to "Limp Bizkut", and again later that year to "Limp Bizkit" (though some concert flyers would continue to credit them as "Limp Bizkut" well into late 1997). Their work is marked by Durst's abrasive, angry lyrics and Borland's sonic experimentation and elaborate visual appearance, which includes face and body paint, masks and uniforms, as well as the band's elaborate live shows.

Fred Durst - Vocals (1994-present)
Sam Rivers (2) - Bass, Backing Vocals (1994-present)
John Otto - Drums (1994-present)
Wes Borland - Guitar, Backing Vocals (1995-1996, 1996–2001, 2004–present)
Leor Dimant (DJ Lethal) – Turntables, Sampling, Programming (1996–2012, 2018-present)

Former members:
Rob Waters (2) – Guitar (1994–1995)
Terry Balsamo – Guitar (1996)
Mike Smith (15) – Guitar (2002–2004)

Former touring and session musicians:
Tsuzumi Okai – Live Bass (2018)
Samuel G. Mpungu – Live Bass (2015–2017)
Franko Carino (DJ SK3L3TOR) – Sampling, Programming, Backing Vocals (2013–2017)
Sammy Siegler – Drums (2005)
Brian Welch – Live Guitar (2003)
Scott Borland – Keyboards (1996) , MySpace , , Wikipedia , Facebook , X , Instagram
Members:Fred Durst, John Otto, Leor Dimant, Mike Smith (15), Rob Waters (2), Sam Rivers (2), Sammy Siegler, Terry Balsamo, Wes Borland
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