Rap-Rock / Nu-Metal (Modern Rock) band from Jacksonville, Florida (USA).

Limp Bizkit formed in 1994 under the name "Limp Biscut". In 1996 they changed the spelling of the name to "Limp Bizkut", and again later that year to "Limp Bizkit" (though some concert flyers would continue to credit them as "Limp Bizkut" well into late 1997). Their work is marked by Durst's abrasive, angry lyrics and Borland's sonic experimentation and elaborate visual appearance, which includes face and body paint, masks and uniforms, as well as the band's elaborate live shows.

Fred Durst - Vocals (1994-present)
Sam Rivers (2) - Bass, Backing Vocals (1994-present)
John Otto - Drums (1994-present)
Wes Borland - Guitar, Backing Vocals (1995-1996, 1996–2001, 2004–present)
Leor Dimant (DJ Lethal) – Turntables, Sampling, Programming (1996–2012, 2018-present)

Former members:
Rob Waters (2) – Guitar (1994–1995)
Terry Balsamo – Guitar (1996)
Scott Borland – Keyboards (1996)
Mike Smith (15) – Guitar (2002–2004)
Brian Welch – Guitar (2003)
Sammy Siegler – Drums (2005)
Franko Carino (DJ SK3L3TOR) – Sampling, Programming, Backing Vocals (2013–2017)
Samuel G. Mpungu – Live Bass (2015–2017)
Tsuzumi Okai – Live Bass (2018–present)
none Limp Bizkit - Three Dollar Bill, Yall$ album art Limp Bizkit Three Dollar Bill, Yall$ (Album) Interscope Records, Flip Records (2) none UK 1997 Sell This Version
490 335-4, INC-90335 Limp Bizkit - Significant Other album art Limp Bizkit Significant Other (Album, EP) Flip Records (2), Interscope Records 490 335-4, INC-90335 Ukraine 1999 Sell This Version
490 759-2 Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water album art Limp Bizkit Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water (Album, Single) Flip Records (2), Interscope Records 490 759-2 Israel 2000 Sell This Version
493 192-9 Limp Bizkit - New Old Songs  album art Limp Bizkit New Old Songs (Album, Comp) Flip Records (2), Interscope Records 493 192-9 Ukraine 2001 Sell This Version
0602498608920, 0602498121054 Limp Bizkit - Results May Vary album art Limp Bizkit Results May Vary (Album) Interscope Records, Flip Records (2) 0602498608920, 0602498121054 Europe 2003 Sell This Version
9882007 Limp Bizkit - The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1) album art Limp Bizkit The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1) (Album) Geffen Records 9882007 Mexico 2005 Sell This Version
277 115-2 Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra album art Limp Bizkit Gold Cobra (Album) Flip Records (2), Interscope Records 277 115-2 Indonesia 2011 Sell This Version

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June 5, 2019
to be absolutely honest, the first 2 albums by LB are the only ones worth listening to. They did have a strong pull with Chocolate Starfish but I, personally, only cared for a few songs from it, and less from following records. As i sit here at work typing this, Significant Other is playing and I still love it. Nostalgia or not, fantastic stuff. LB is either liked or tolerated. The fun is what keeps me listening!


November 16, 2007
I somewhat agree with the other reviewer about Limp Bizkit. I feel that when Wes Borland left, they lost some of their edge. This usually happens when one member leaves a group - the chemistry changes and usually, not for the better. An example of that is Limp Bizkit.

I hate the term "nu-metal". This is simply metal with a very big hip-hop influence. It works extremely well, the hip-hop inspired beats and bounce with metal riffs. It's easy to see why "Nu-Metal" became as big as what it did.

LB's albums are however, very "sign-o-the-times". They're still good but lose some of the impact listening back to them now. I think "Chocolate Starfish" is the one most people will know as it was the big one. Obviously "Rollin" getting to number one here in the UK damaged their cred somewhat but hey, it is a good tune. I must say though, the production on "Chocolate Starfish" is absolutely superb, it's incredibly well mastered too. It really kicks hard and has a great crunchy sound.

Personally for me though, "Significant Other" is the killer LP. It's basically "$3 bill" re riffed, but that itself is a good album. It's a very consistent LP.

The latest offerings have been somewhat disappointing. I hope LB can get back to the way they were, but like i said earlier, i think they've had their time.


March 24, 2006
edited over 15 years ago
Is it any wonder that people completely lost interest in LB ?
There wasn't too much creativity to begin with, but they were able to sell millions of albums anyway, at least during the late 90s and very early 00s. George Michael covers, nookie/cookie rhymes, remix albums featuring rappers ? Yes, there was plenty of that, but just like in case of Bloodhound Gang (who at least are less serious) the joke is over. Boys are all grown up and tasteless jokes and Fred Durst sexual escapades are no longer interesting to anyone. Its about time to hang up.

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