Dimmu Borgir


Symphonic black metal band from Jessheim, Norway, founded in 1993 by Shagrath (Stian Thoresen), Erkekjetter Silenoz (Sven Kopperud) and Tjodalv (Ian Åkesson).

Band took its name from an Icelandic name "Dimmuborgir", which stands for “dark castle/fortress”. It is a type of lava formation near Lake Myvatn in Iceland, and according to local legends, a gateway to Hell/Underworld.

Early on in their career Dimmu Borgir started to push the boundaries of the black metal genre with extensive use of keyboards and by incorporating orchestral/symphonic elements in their music. Since the release of their breakthrough album “Enthrone Darkness Triumphant” in 1997 they have become one of the biggest extreme metal bands worldwide.

After their original drummer Tjodalv left the band in 1999, they have not had permanent drummer. Also, since 2009, when ICS Vortex (Simen Hæstnæs) and Mustis (Øyvind Mustaparta) quit/were fired, the only permanent band members have been Shagrath, Silenoz and Galder, who accompany themselves with session musicians for live and recording purposes.

Current line-up:
Shagrath (Stian Tomt Thoresen) - Vocals (1993- )
Silenoz (Sven Atle Kopperud) - Guitars (1993- )
Galder (Thomas Rune Andersen Orre) - Guitars (2000- )

Current live members:
Daray (Dariusz Brzozowski) - Drums (2008- )
Gerlioz (Geir Bratland) - Keyboards (2010- )
Victor Brandt - Bass (2018- ) , Facebook , Instagram , MySpace , Reverb , X , YouTube , Wikipedia
Members:Brynjard Tristan, Jamie Stinson, Nicholas Barker, Øyvind Mustaparta, Simen Hestnæs, Stian Aarstad, Stian André Hinderson, Stian Thoresen, Sven Atle Kopperud, Thomas Rune Andersen Orre, Tjodalv
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