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The group was based in a farm near Florence, and had a krautrock-like attitude that leaves them as a unique band in the Italian prog field. Mainly an electronic band, based on keyboards and with very little use of voice, they released no less than three albums in 1974, one of them only intended for promotional use, and all based on instrumental-only themes in the same style as many German bands of the Cosmic Couriers genre.
Their albums were self-produced and recorded in the band's own studio, with an amateurish sound quality.
With the entrance of keyboardist Stephen Head, the fourth album Finest finger is their first containing many vocal parts, a more accessible work than their previous ones. In the same direction their next LP, Boxes paradise.
The band went to California, where another US-only album, Vision's fugitives, was released, with no success. The most American-sounding of their album, this also includes former Campo di Marte drummer Carlo Felice Marcovecchio (credited as Marco Marcovecchio) in a couple of tracks.
Their late album was Flying tapes, released in 1978 and including reworkings of tracks from their earlier LP's.
Changing name to Sheriff and now based in Virgina, the group, composed by Falsini, Ursillo and Edwards, helped by second guitarist Frank Filfoyt, issued an US-only LP, with a much rock-inspired sound.
When Ursillo left the band to go back to Italy, the group went on as a trio nearly all of 1979 with new bassist Gary Falwell, but only playing live once. The break-up followed, at the end of that year, when Falsini decided to move to New York to work as studio engineer. Later, in 1983, he reappeared as guitarist and producer of the electro-pop group The Antennas, that released an LP and a single in France.
Keith Edwards stayed in the USA where he played for many years, before being diagnosed an incurable disease which took him to suicide.
Leader Franco Falsini also released a solo album, Cold nose, soundtrack to a film with the same name, in 1975. He's been reported producing techno music in London in the early 90's.
Bass player Richard Ursillo has kept playing in various groups in the Florence area after the band's demise, and was briefly involved in Campo di Marte 2003 reunion.

Members:Franco Falsini, Keith Edwards, Richard Ursillo, Stephen Head
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