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Pseudo Echo is an Australian band which plays a New Romantic style of music. The band was formed in 1982, by schoolmates, Brian Canham (vocalist, guitar and keyboards), and Pierre Gigliotti (bass and keyboards). The other two members of the group were, Anthony Argiro (drums) ,and Tony Lugton (guitar and keyboards). The group released their first album called, "Autumnal Park," and the singles released were "Listening," "Stranger In Me," "Dancing Until Midnight," and "Beat For You." The band climbed to success in a hurry in 1984, and became the 2nd biggest group in Australia (INXS was at the top of the list). The track, "His Eyes," also from the first album, was used in the movie, "Friday the 13th: A New Beginning."

Pseudo Echo had a change in membership before they released their second album. Tony Lugton was replaced with James Leigh (real name James Dingli). The groups second album was released and was also successful. It was called, "Love An Adventure," and was released in 1985. From the album came the hit singles, "Love An Adventure," "Don’t Go," "Try," and "Living In A Dream." The album was re-released the next year and included the remake of the song, 'Funkytown," (a Lipps, Inc. Song). The album reached number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States and number 8 in the U. K., in 1987. The album also stayed at number 1 in Australia for 13 weeks. The track listing was a little different for the album released overseas than it was for the release in Australia, and the U. K.. The overseas version of the album was re-released in 1987, with a few changes with some of the songs.

The band released their third album in 1989, and it was called, "Race." The album was more of a pop rock and metal style and was not as successful as the first two albums were. Singles from the album were, "Fooled Again," "Over Tomorrow," "Eye Of the Storm," and 'Don’t You Forget." Their change in music style seemed to have lost many from their established fan base they previously had with their New Romantic style of music. The band went on tour to promote the "Race," album and then split up shortly after the tour ended, in 1990.

Pseudo Echo reunited in 1999 and produced the EP called "Funkytown Y2K: RMX." The EP included 6 new re-mixes of "Funkytown," and a year later (in 2000), they released a double CD called, "Teleporter." The CD consisted of 4 all new tracks, 5 re-mixed tracks, and a live performance in Melbourne, Australia. The group continued to tour in Australia and were last reported seen in 2005, touring with The Idols.

Previous members:

* Tony Lugton - Keyboards (1982-1984)
* Anthony Argiro - Drums (1983-1985)
* James Leigh - Keyboards (1984-1989)
* Vince Leigh - Drums (1985-1989)
* Tony Featherstone - Keyboards (1997-1999)

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Members:Anthony Johan Argiro, Ben Grayson, Brian Canham, Darren Danielson, James Leigh, Pierre Gigliotti, Simon Rayner (2), Tony Lugton, Vince Leigh
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