Love Song jlrake

September 5, 2013
There also exists by the band a 5-CD+1-DVD box set, The Book of Love, collecting all their already albums,. another disc of material recorded before their first album and a concert video put together by the audio/visual department of a college they played, all housed in a package that looks like one of those hand-tooled leather-covered Bibles Jesus hippies carried around back when, save for the texturing, which would've been nifty but probably cost-prohibitive to produce.

As it happens, I heard a radio interview with one of the band's members-I believe it was Chuck Girard (who, I believe was in Ronnie & The Daytonas of "Little GTO"fame before he became Christian)-this morning wherein he talked about how Atlantic Records was interested in promoting the group to the general market if only they'd change their lyrics from being more about the Lord specifically and more about love generally. I, for one, am glad they didn't sell out.

Love Song GParty

November 28, 2017
I've just added the Book of Love box to the Discogs database.