Concord Dawn redblooded

July 11, 2018
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Concord Dawn is probably the only act outside of the UK to get respect from within that scene.

Concord Dawn willardnz

November 26, 2018
How about State of Mind?.....I believe they have similar status..

Concord Dawn as reviewed by phuriphonics

April 30, 2005
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Flying the flag for New Zealand drum n bass. Last year I spent the winter snowboarding in New Zeland and my then housemate played me Concord Dawn's self-titled debut album. It was basic, stark, dark and to the point. Musical riffs, melodies and rhythms were utilised in a simplistic and brutal style - bedroom music at its best. Since then I've only heard the odd mp3 or copy, but what I've heard brings a smile to my face. 'Raining Blood' is a homage to Slayer that even Amon Tobin can't match (on his Player - Angel of Theft 12"), whilst "Escher" is a synth driven techno rinsing reminiscent of the Hong Kong/France alliance Technasia. But it is a undonbtedly a nod towards drum n bass slalwart Dillinja, that Concord Dawn best exemplify their need for bowel trembling BASS, quirky melodies and catchy repetitive vocals as heard on 'Don't Tell Me'.
Check these guys out, before you get left behind with the Bad Company wannabes!

Concord Dawn as reviewed by Raijin

February 26, 2005
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Very original sound in the DnB genre. I've heard everything from atmospheric, ambient stuff to grating, dark industrial. I'm glad they've started to receive some of the recognition that they deserve in the past few years. First time i heard their material was when Bad Company spun "Morning Light" on a mainfloor set with a 150K rig. That buzz-saw bassline shook the venue so hard it blurred your vision.

Personally, i've never heard a release by these guys that i can say i don't like, but if i had to choose a few out of what i have heard, then Shinkansen, Vengeance, Take Me Away, and Morning Light are the best.

"Please don't cry... In the mornin' light..."

Concord Dawn as reviewed by Ulikunkel

May 5, 2004
First of all I would like to sincerely thank Concord for their ,,Escher" track. I mean it is not often that one finds one of their favorite musicians making a tune devoted to ones favorite artist... And the thing is this track totally gets the mind-morphing effect the veiwer experiences while contemplating a Escher-picture.

Much is to said about these artists as well, If you like industrial dark-ambient D&B then these guys are right up your allie! They mix musical dark ambient with hard industrial drum and bass and they do such good work that they should be filed under Trance, even though they are D&B simply because of their ability to make one lose himself for some time, while listening to their tracks. Tracks to look for: Aurora , Mars (concord dawn vs. black sun Empire), Autopsy (with friction), And last but not least the D.kay remix of concord´s Bad bones is really something!!
Fifty five thumbs up, out of a possible five, Concord I bestow on thee the title of my favorite D&B group.