Grand Kalle And African Jazz


Grand Kalle et l'African Jazz (often referred to simply as African Jazz) was perhaps the first full-time, professional band in what was then called Belgian Congo, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was founded in 1953 by Joseph Kabasele Tshamala, popularly know as Grand Kalle. The band has split in 1963.

Members are :
Joseph Kabasele (leader & vocals)
Dr. Nico (guitar, 1953-63)
Dechaud Mwamba (guitar, 1953-63)
Emmanuel Baloji Tino Baroza (guitar)
Albert Taumani (bass)
Joseph Mwena (bass, 1953-63)
Baskis (percussion)
Antoine "Depuissant" Kaya (percussion, 1953-63)
Isaac Musekiwa (saxophone, 1954-?)
Roger Izeidi (vocals, maracas, ?-1963)
Menga André (saxophone)
Dominique Willy Kuntima (trumpet)
Tabu Ley Rochereau (vocals, 1959-63)]
Vicky Longomba (vocals, 1960)
Brazzos (bass, 1960)
Pierre "Petit Pierre" Yantula (congas, 1960)
Charles Hénault (drums, 1960-?)
Manu Dibango (saxophone, piano, 1961)
Joseph Mujos Mulamba (vocals, ?-1963)
Papa Noel (guitar, 1963)
Jean Bombenga (vocals, 1963)
Mathieu Kouka (vocals, 1963)
André "Damoiseau" Kambite (guitar, 1963)
Casimir "Casino" Mutshipule (guitar, 1963)

Members:Alex Mayukuta, André "Damoiseau" Kambite, Bombenga, Brazzos, Casimir "Casino" Mutshipule, Charlie (108), Dechaud, Dr. Nico, Edouard Lutula, Eyenga Moseka, Isaac Musekiwa, Jean "Rolly" Nsita, Joseph Kabasele, Manu Dibango, Mathieu Kuka, Pierrot (8), Tabu Ley Rochereau, Vicky Longomba



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