Rick Wade

Real Name:Richard Lee Wade Jr.

American deep house recording artist, and DJ, based in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Rick Wade was born in small-town western Michigan, less than an hour from Chicago's South Side. In the mid 1980s while studying at the University of Michigan, Wade gained his first gigs spinning deep underground house at the Nectarine Ballroom, the venue where Jeff Mills was also making his name, for techno rather than for house.

Simultaneously, Wade maintained a successful mix show on WCBN named "Journey To The Land Of House". It was a huge success, as were his subsequent gigs at clubs in and around Detroit. So much so that by 1993, Wade was able to build his own studio and form a label, Harmonie Park.

Wade has released his textured brand of house not only on his own label but also on the likes of labels Track Mode, Moods & Grooves, A Touch Of Class (2), M3, Elevate, Chord 44 Records, Out Of The Box, et al.

Sites:Facebook , X , Bandcamp
Aliases:Big Daddy Rick, Dr. Low-Tech
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