Sfinx (3)

Romanian Rock-Pop band formed in Bucharest in 1963 by three high school students: Bibi Ionescu, Octav Zemlicka and Cristian Valica. Until 1967 they played at various festivals and student evening gatherings. The band's lineup changed often due to exams, school situations, opposition of parents and disagreements about repertory. The end of 1967 is the turning point with the coming of a new young drummer and guitarist (Marian Toroimac) and a 17 years old, high school music student and violinist (Dan Andrei Aldea).

Lineups during the years :
1964: Octav Zemlicka (lead guitar, vocals), Corneliu Bibi Ionescu (bass), Cristian Valica (drums), Idu Barbu (keyboards)

1967: Octav Zemlicka (lead guitar, vocals), Silviu Hera (guitar), Peter Iordache (horn), Corneliu Bibi Ionescu (bass), Sergiu Zagardan (drums), Toni Niculescu (keyboards)

1970: Dan Andrei Aldea (guitar, violin, blockflotte, vocals), Corneliu Bibi Ionescu (bass), Marian Toroimac (drums)

1974: Dan Andrei Aldea (guitar, violin, blockflotte, mini-Moog, vocals), Dan Badulescu (guitar), Corneliu Bibi Ionescu (bass), Mihai Cernea (drums), Idu Barbu (keyboards)

1977: Dan Andrei Aldea (guitar, violin, blockflotte, mini-Moog, vocals), Corneliu Bibi Ionescu (bass), Mihai Cernea (drums), Nicolae Enache (keyboards)

1983: Sorin Chifiriuc (guitar, vocals), Corneliu Bibi Ionescu (bass), Mihail Cernea (drums), Edwin Surin (keyboards), Doru Apreotesei (keyboards).

Since 1994 relations between Bibi Ionescu and Mişu Cernea became cold, so the band is divided into 'Sfinx' (Bibi Ionescu, Mihai Coman, Cristian Rus, Paul Negoiţă) and 'Sfinx Experience' (Michael Cernea, Doru Caplescu, Paul Ciuci, Crina Mardare, Zoe Alecu).


Sfinx (3) Discography Tracks


Sfinx (3) - Lume Albă album art Sfinx (3) Lume Albă (Album) Electrecord Romania 1975 Sell This Version
Sfinx (3) - Zalmoxe album art Sfinx (3) Zalmoxe (Album) Electrecord Romania 1979 Sell This Version
Sfinx (3) - Sfinx album art Sfinx (3) Sfinx (Album) Electrecord Romania 1984 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

Sfinx (3) - Șir De Cocori / Languir Me Fais album art Formația Sfinx* Șir De Cocori / Languir Me Fais (Single) Electrecord, Electrecord Romania 1972 Sell This Version
45-STM-EDC 10.362, STM-EDC 10.362 Sfinx (3) - Coborîse Primăvara album art Sfinx (3) Coborîse Primăvara(7", EP) Electrecord, Electrecord 45-STM-EDC 10.362, STM-EDC 10.362 Romania 1974 Sell This Version
45-ST-EDC 10.680 Sfinx (3) - Din Nou Acasă / Zmeul / Fetele Albinele album art Sfinx (3) Din Nou Acasă / Zmeul / Fetele Albinele(7", EP) Electrecord 45-ST-EDC 10.680 Romania 1980 Sell This Version
45-ST-EDC 10.723 Sfinx (3) - Focuri Vii album art Sfinx & Sfinx* Focuri Vii(7", Single) Electrecord 45-ST-EDC 10.723 Romania 1981 Sell This Version