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Real Name:Blake Baxter

Blake Baxter is One of the founders of the electronic music genre known as techno. Blake was affectionately named by his peers "The Prince Of Techno". Before the Detroit Techno sound took the world by storm In his hometown of Detroit Baxter, a disc jockey from the early Detroit post-disco and progressive commercial dance music scene. Moving towards the mid-80s Blake, shifted his gears to more independent, alternative, and industrial styles as a DJ Blake Baxter started fusing independent dance, synth-pop, UK alternative, and industrial dance music.

Blake was the first to do a dedicated Techno night in Detroit at the Majestic Theater Friday nights founded and hosted by the promoter Sterling in the mid-80s. Blake is the founder of labels Mix Records, Acid 313, Technological Audio Research, and Raw Data. All are under the umbrella of Mix Media Music Group. Blake founded a record shop in downtown Detroit called Save The Vinyl from 1992-1999. Mr. Baxter organized small raves in downtown Detroit.

1991 In Germany Blake became a DJ resident at the original Tresor club in Berlin and on the Tresor label, Blake was one of the label's early releases. 1987 was Baxter's official vinyl record release year on KMS records a few years before being introduced to Kevin Saunderson, Blake Baxter was signed to a record deal with Chicago's record label DJ International 1985-86 Blake Baxter is still dedicated to the creative direction of the electronic music form known as techno and Blake is as passionate about the music as the day he first started producing and performing as an artist and deejay. , Bandcamp , Facebook , Soundcloud , X , Wikipedia , YouTube
Aliases:B Basic, Dream Sequence (4), Pump Da Bass, Rebel Alliance, Renee, The Prince Of Techno, The Underground Track Master
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