Ivan Kral

Real Name:Ivan Král

Czech-American guitarist, bass player, songwriter, producer, and filmmaker.
Born: May 12, 1948 in Prague (former Czechoslovakia). Died February 2, 2020 in Michigan home, USA. His family moved to the United States in 1966 as refugees from Czechoslovakia. Boyfriend partner of Cindy Hudson (3). In 1989, Kral returned to Prague.

Kral played with the band Saze (2) before leaving Prague, and in 1973 he formed glam rockers Luger in New York, a band that once opened for Kiss and Iggy Pop producing their unreleased album.
After playing in Shaun Cassidy's backing band Kral briefly joined Blondie in April 1975 but was lured away by the Patti Smith Group. Member of Native (2) (Ivan Kral & His Natives).

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In Groups:Alias (39), Bang Bang Band, Blondie, Eastern Bloc (2), Native (2), Patti Smith Group, Saze (2)
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