Real Name:Alex

Addex is a solo project from Romania. His sound is atmospheric deep house with summer sounds, dubby chords, heavy pads and with grooving bongo percussion. Began listening electronic music at age of 10, and with years, many various genres was capture his attention wich was an inspiration and a study case. In 2005 he decided to produce different styles of electronic music, including Lounge and Down-Tempo. In 2007 he signed for his first release. Influenced by big artists such as Depeche Mode, Royksopp, Faithless, The Timewriter, Toka Project, Terry Lee Brown Jr., The Rurals et c., Addex creat ed his own sound and is able to translate his thoughts andemot ions int o everyproduct ion and remix. Remixed for many artists like Andrew Chibale, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Greg Parker, The Messenger ,Da Funk, Onionz, Marvin Zeyss, Evren Ulusoy, Jon Silva, Hakan Libdo, etc. He released his music on labels like Acryl Music, Soul Industries, Etoka Records, Solid Fabric Rec, Manuscript Rec, LoveZone Records, Loco Records, Plastic City, I Records, etc.,

Sites:Facebook , Soundcloud , , Mixcloud , YouTube , Bandcamp
Aliases:Apres Midi, Openzone Bar, The Traveler, The Urban District


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